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Best Wooden Dog Crates

Wooden dog crates come in a variety of styles, finishes, colors and sizes - and they're a great way to keep your pet close by without the unsightly bulk of a wire or plastic dog crate staring you in the face.

Real wood dog crates aren't really suitable for puppies (who are still at the chewing stage) or for pups or dogs who aren't fully housebroken.

There are limited choices in the very large sizes and they are the most expensive style of crate/kennel.

But, if you have an older puppy or adult dog who is potty trained and not inclined to try to chew up his crate, and you want an attractive option then this type of crate or kennel might be perfect for you.

It's sometimes difficult to find wooden dog crates in bricks-and-mortar stores, but there are several options online.

Stores like Petsmart do have a few models available to buy online only, and Amazon has a really good selection at great prices.

With these crates it's important to make sure that you buy one that is roomy enough for your pooch. Because of their solid, wooden construction the interior dimensions are several inches less than the exterior ones.

If possible I've included both interior and exterior sizing here, but some models don't supply that info. so do pick a size that's generous in its' proportions.

You can get a little extra help with standard dog crate sizing here....

With a style, color and finish that works with every decor, here are some of the very best wooden crates for dogs on the market.....

Denhaus Townhaus Wooden Dog Crate/End Table

This traditional 'Mission Style' wood dog crate is one of the best-looking designs around.

Skillfully crafted from sturdy, durable, kiln-dried SOLID tropical wood and finished with a non-toxic stain and sealer.

The standard door has wooden slats and the front door panel can be slid out easily so that your pet can move in and out freely.

There's also an attractive, optional metal grate panel that you can buy to replace the wooden slatted version (available for medium &large crates).

Antique brass hardware. Easy to assemble.

Available in two colors - Mahogany and Espresso - and 3 sizes.

Exterior... 35.5"L x 27.75"H x 26.75"W 
Interior.... 30.5"L x 25.25"H x 21"W 

Exterior....35.5"L x 27.75"H x 26.75"W 
Interior.... 30.5"L x 25.25"H x 21"W 


Exterior.... 41"L x 34"H x 26"W
Interior.... 37.5"L x 31"H x 22"W

You can also buy the Townhaus Pet Bed, custom-made to fit perfectly in Townhaus wooden dog crates.

Positives - An elegant, heavy-weight, well-made piece of furniture with a classic style which will look great as an end-table in any room. Also works well for night-time use as it makes the perfect nightstand.

Available in one of the wider range of sizes than many other styles.

Negatives - The design produces one of the most 'enclosed' crates on the market and there's limited ventilation and view for your dog. If you have a dog with a thick coat or a shortened muzzle like a Bulldog then it might get too hot in here for him/her.

If your pooch is very social, loves to be in the middle of the 'action', or has separation anxiety issues, then this is not necessarily the best 'fit'.

Starting at around $450 this is one of the more expensive models.

Crown Pet Products Wood Dog Crate

A beautiful eco-friendly hardwood dog crate made from natural Rubberwood (looks similar to Teak).

This piece of dog crate furniture is decorative and functional, and it's simple yet classic lines fits well with most styles of home decor.

Solid, top quality construction, natural good looks and practical features make this a really good choice if you're looking for a piece of dog crate furniture.

Crown Pet Products Wood Dog Crate Furniture/End Table

  • Sturdy natural hardwood with stainless steel latch system

  • Swing-door can be rotated inside to allow your pet to come-and-go as he pleases

  • Slats on all sides give your pooch a 360° view

  • Easy-to-clean melamine-covered MDF flooring for quick clean-up of any 'accidents'

  • Furniture-glide feet to protect your floors

Available in three colors - Chestnut, Mahogany & Espresso - and 2 sizes.

Exterior.... 29.7"L x 24.2"H x 21"W
Interior.... 28"L x 22"H x 19"W
(for dogs up to 45lbs)

Exterior.... 39.6"L x 27.3"H x 27.2"W
Interior.... 37"L x 25.1"H x 24.1"W
(for dogs up to 80lbs)

Positives - An attractive, sturdy wooden dog crate with simple but classy styling, this model looks good anywhere in your home.

Practical 'extras' such as the easy-clean floor and swing-door are pluses in this type of crate.

Reasonably priced and starting at around $250 this one is good value for money.

Negatives - May be a bit 'fiddly' to assemble.

Only available in two sizes. That's not a problem if you have a medium-sized, housebroken dog, but there isn't a size to fit an X-Large or Giant breed.

Also, if you have a little dog who likes to sleep all curled up and cozy, even the medium size may be too big.

You can address this by adding a comfy, padded dog bed though!

Dynamic Accents Wooden Dog Crate

Handcrafted from beautiful hardwoods, these crates have a timeless Amish style and practical features.

Constructed from top quality and durable hardwoods and available in two eco-friendly finishes to (Mahogany or Burnished Oak) to complement any decor. 


Interior.... 24"L x 26"H x 18"W

Interior.... 36"L x 26"H x 24"W

Features include:

  • Easy-clean 'Extira' waterproof crate floor won't absorb liquids or odors

  • Furniture glide feet to protect flooring

  • Well-crafted joints, attractive locking hardware

  • Clever 'swing-through' door can be rotated and tucked away out of sight if you want to let your pup/dog to go in and out freely

  • Easy and quick assembly

Positives - This is a good looking product, with a rich finish.

Nice 'extras' include attractive door latch, swing-thru door, easy-clean floor.

Price is on the middle-to-lower end of the scale.

Negatives - Not the sturdiest/heaviest construction.

Only available in two sizes. That's not a problem if you have a medium-sized, housebroken dog, but there isn't a size to fit an X-Large or Giant breed, or a little dog who likes to sleep all curled up and cozy.

Again, a comfy, padded dog bed can help with this!

Pinnacle Woodcraft Chew-Proof Wooden Dog Crate

Chew Proof Dog Crate Amish Wooden - Luxurious & Decorative Dog Crate End Table

Here's a great option of you really want a good-looking wooden dog crate but you're not entirely convinced that your dog won't want to while away the hours by chewing on it!

This beautiful piece of crate furniture is made with a gorgeous Amish-style natural Oakwood frame (available in a variety of rich finishes) and black wire mesh panels and lining.

The lining helps prevent your dog from getting his teeth into the woodwork and damaging it.

Medium: 29"L x 24"H x 23"W

Large: 34"L x 24"H x 25"W

Positives - 'Quick-connect' fasteners make assembly a breeze.

2" black coated wire lining protects wooden framework perfectly.

Mid price range.

Negatives - Only available in two sizes, so it might not work for very small breeds and definitely not for extra-large ones.

More Wooden Dog Crates

As time passes, more styles and designs of wood dog crates/kennels are coming on the market. Here are just a few more you might want to check out.

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