Popular Wire Dog Crates

Wire dog crates are useful, versatile, a handy house-training tool and a safe way to contain your puppy at home or in the car. 

A crate is a 'must-have' piece of equipment for all new puppy (or dog) owners!

It can be used in so many ways that I honestly can't imagine raising a pup without one.

On this page I've features some of the most popular wire crates on the market and linked to some examples for you to look at (if you're ready to purchase, you can buy them here too!).

If you're not sure which type of crate is the best option for you, check out my Choosing The Best Dog Crate page.

You'll find all the help and advice there that you need to make the right choice.

Precision Wire Dog Crates

This range of wire crates is manufactured by Precision Pet Products in California.

Made from high quality, heavy duty materials these products are sturdy, attractive and can take pretty much whatever your average puppy or dog can dish out!

There are several ranges to choose from, here's a look at some of the most popular ones...

Especially For Puppies & Small Dogs

I love these 'Snoozzy Baby' wire crates as they're perfect for that special new puppy in your life, or to pamper your tiny/toy breed dog!

Made to the same high standard as all Precision products, they're pretty as well as practical. Part of the excellent ProValu2 range, they're perfect for your new addition...

For most puppies a crate pad or bed isn't really recommended during the house-training period, but if you have a pup who's on his way to being potty trained or an adult small breed dog (or don't mind washing the bed/pad frequently!) , one of these co-ordinating Snoozzy Fleece Crate Dog Bed can make your pup's new den more comfy (available in baby blue, pink, or natural)

The 'Great Crate' For All Sizes/Breeds

One of the most popular styles, this is a basic wire crate with quality 'extras'. Complete with wire divider panel (so that the space you allow your puppy 'grows' as he does), two doors for easy in/out, removable and leakproof plastic pan, carrying handle and the ability to fold flat.

A great choice if you want a good quality crate, at a reasonable price.

Available in Black Epoxy or Chrome finishes, and in 6 sizes, so there's one to fit any puppy or dog.

Or save money by choosing a larger model for your puppy and use the divider panel to make sure his crate-training goes smoothly.

X-Small: 19"L x 15"H x 12"W (suitable for miniature/tiny/toy breeds)

Small: 24"L x 20"H x 18"W (suitable for small breeds)

Medium: 30"L x 22"H x 19"W (suitable for medium breeds)

Medium/Large: 36"L x 23"H x 26"W

Large: 36"L x 26"H x 23"W (suitable for medium/large breeds)

X-Large: 42"L x 31"H x 28"W (suitable for large breeds)

Also see these sizes:

One of the advantages of using a wire dog crate is that your pet can see everything that's going on around him and doesn't feel isolated or 'left out'.

But at night, or at nap time, it can be a good idea to cover the crate and give your pup a nice cozy den to sleep in. You can use a blanket or sheet to do this, but chances are it will get pulled through the bars and end up soaking wet and chewed up!

Specially designed dog crate covers such as this one - Precision Pet Indoor/Outdoor Crate Cover (for Size 5000 Crates), Tan - are available in a wide range of colors, designs and sizes... and they make a much better, more practical and safer option.

The 'ProValu Great Crate' For All Sizes/Breeds

The 'ProValu' range is a step-up from the basic 'Great Crate' and has some extra features that I love, these include:

  • A proprietary 5-point locking system for added door security and safety

  • Patent-pending 'Quiet Links' that are used to connect the panels and floor and significantly reduce the rattling and general noise that wire crates can make

  • Two styles - ProValu 1 door, ProValu2 has 2 doors

Easy to set up, folds down flat and has convenient carrying handle to transport folded crate. Comes complete with strong removable plastic tray and divider panel so that you can use it as your pup grows.

Dimensions are the same as the basic Great Crate, but these are approx 1" shorter across the board. Only available in the rust-resistant Black Electro-Coat finish.

More Popular Wire Dog Crates

Of course, Precision pet crates aren't the only type of wire dog crates available... not by a long shot!

There are many other brands to choose from, and depending on your needs and budget it's perfectly possible that you'll find another brand that works just fine.

Here are links to just a few of the different models available. Remember, each manufacturer has a range of sizes (and often a variety of styles) to choose from. The examples below are just ONE product of many.

If you spend some time browsing and researching features, materials and prices then I'm confident that you will be happy with the crate that you choose.

Not sure if a wire crate is exactly what you need?

There are several other types to choose from. Check out these other popular dog crates styles by clicking on any image to learn more....

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