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The Best German Dog Names

If you've got your heart set on a German name for your puppy, I've made it easy to find exactly what you're looking for right here.

These names are strong, powerful and classic - and are a terrific choice for 'big' brave dogs of all sizes!

You'll find the most popular male & female dog names, complete with their meanings, so that you can find the perfect match your pup's personality, heritage, color or any characteristic you choose.

Below the names I've also listed the most popular German dog breeds. Enjoy!

From Germany With Love

For Male Puppies

Aldo - wise one

Arnold - powerful eagle

Axel - peaceful

Ballard - warrior

Benno - brave like a bear

Berger - mountain dweller

Bismarck - former German Chancellor

Blitz - flash

Boris - fighter

Ernest - vigorous

Falk - wolf

Felix - lucky

Fritz - peaceful ruler

Gunther - battle warrior

Heinrich - ruler

Hank - also means ruler

Kaiser - King

Kasper - treasurer

Klaus - victorious

Luger - old German gun

Luther - famous warrior

Matthias - gift from God

Max - great

Odo - wealthy

Oskar - spear

Otto - prosperous

Panzer - armor

Prinz - prince

Schatz/e - little treasure

Schwartz - black

Udo - rich/prosperous

Ulrik - power of the wolf

Wolfgang -rising wolf

For Female Puppies

Alice - noble

Anka - graceful

Ava - birdlike

Berta - bright & strong

Birgit - protector

Britta - white

Elke - kind/noble

Elsa - strength

Erika - powerful ruler

Etta - small

Frieda - peaceful

Gabi - hero of God

Gretchen - pearl

Greta - pearl

Grizelda - ironlike

Heide - noble

Kristel - german for Christine

Leni - little angel

Liebe - love

Lotti - little woman

Marthe - a lady

Mischa - who is like God

Olga - holy

Schatzie - little sweetheart

Sofie - sweet

Susi - a lily

Tilli - battle maiden

Trudi - of the spear

Ulrika - all ruling

Ursula - female bear

Utta - rich

Wilma - bold protector

Zelda - battle maid

Zuker - sugar

Popular German Dog Breeds

Dog breeds that originated in Germany are diverse and colorful. Many of them are working dogs, used either for hunting, guarding or herding.

The 'Spitz' dog breeds are among the oldest in the world, going back to the 15th century. The well-known Rottweiler breed began in the German village of Rottweil in the days of the Roman Empire.

Here are just some of the most popular German breeds:




Doberman Pinscher

Eskimo Dog (Spitz)

German Pointer

German Shepherd Dog

German Spitz

Great Dane




Miniature Pinscher





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