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Cool Dog ID Tags

Dog ID tags aren't just a decorative accessory, the can help get your pet get back home safely if he should wander off.

But something with a serious purpose doesn't have to be boring! See a great selection of the very coolest pet dog tags right here. You (and your pup) are going to love them.

Check out these colorful, funny and whimsical graphic designs, created by fusing a special polymer coating to the recycled stainless steel tag... that means these tags don't just look amazing, they're extremely durable & long lasting.

Available in both Small & Large sizes, so big and little dogs can share in the fun (the 'small' size works well for most cat collars too!)

The company is so confident in the quality of their products that if your pet dog id tag ever wears out, they'll replace it FREE of charge!

Take a look at these, I bet there's at least one that you want to see your pup wear!

These are just a handful of the literally 100's of cool dog ID tags by Dog Tag Art.

If you click on the 'Learn More' link on any of the tags above, you'll also be able to search for/see a ton of other designs that you can choose from!

If your dog is special-needs pet or has an illness or condition that needs regular medication then his life can be in even greater danger than normal if he gets lost, even for a short time.

Help keep him safe by buying a dog id tag that lets whoever finds him know about it. Here are some of the options...

When it comes to cool dog id tags, these Smartphone pet tags really fit the bill.

This patented design by Platinum Pets lets you upload and store all dog's important information (such as photo, health condition, vet or pet health insurance information.. even reward details) on a secured and password protected database.

Anyone who finds your lost pup can use an easy-to-download app on their smartphone to scan the unique code on the back of the dog ID tag.. and you and your pooch will be reunited in no time.

Click on any of the 'Learn more' links below to get all the details....

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