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Best Kong Puppy Teething Toys

Kong teething toys for puppies are perfect for your little 'Jaws' impersonator!

These incredibly strong chew-toys help relieve the pain of teething and keep little mouths busy & out of trouble. The Kong company has been making super-tough rubber toys since the 1970's, and today the brand is well-known around the world, and has the reputation for producing the strongest toys on the market.

Over the years, all of my puppies and dogs have played with Kongs, and I can honestly say that they definitely live up to their reputation in terms of strength and durability.

Plus they keep puppies entertained for longer than average.

This all makes them excellent value for money.

Top Kongs for puppies include:

Kong puppy teething toys are especially designed for puppies up to approx. 9 months old and uses slightly softer rubber which is still heavy-duty durable. This gives a teething the firm pressure he needs on his sore gums, but isn't hard enough to be uncomfortable.

A few other great choices from the Kong Puppy range include:

All these toys have grooves, or a hole, that is specifically designed to hold treats, treat paste, snacks, cheese spread or whatever tasty delight your puppy prefers. This adds play value and keeps little Fido interested and engaged for a surprising length of time!

Tip.... Tip...

I often use peanut butter or a flavored treat paste to fill puppy Kongs, but I go the extra mile by freezing the filled toy for a few hours, or overnight. This slows down the rate at which a puppy tongue can remove the deliciousness from the toy and makes play time more stimulating for him, and longer lasting too.

More Kong Toys for Puppies

Although Kong is famous for it's durable rubber chew toys, they also make a variety of other great toys.

Many of them are not as durable as the all-rubber designs I've featured above, but a teething puppy needs variety and I've picked out a few of our family favorites to share with you...

Probably goes without saying, but always supervise your puppy with ANY toy, no matter how indestructible it appears to be. Accidents can, and do happen, and once your pup can chew pieces off a toy it's time to replace it.

The Kong toys that feature different materials (such as rope or fabric) along with the rubber are NOT specifically designed to be chew toys and are more liable to be torn/damaged by your pup. 

That DOES NOT make them less fun, or less valuable as an activity, but it does mean that you need to be more vigilant while little Fido is playing with them. Also check all toys regularly for signs of damage and replace whenever you feel they have reached the end of their useful (and safe) life!

Want to see more? Click on this link to see the full range of specially-designed teething toys.... Kong Puppy Chew Toys

Kong Treats For Toys

From crunchy 'snaps' or biscuits, to tasty treat paste, there's a delicious goodie that works perfectly with whichever Kong puppy teething toy you choose.

The original, conical, Kongs are the perfect shape for stuffing (in fact they're made for it!) and if you fill your pup or dog's Kong with tasty ingredients and then freeze before offering it to your best friend, he'll  be kept busy and happy for quite some time!

These are just a few of the wide range of Kong 'toy stuffers', all of them come in a variety of sizes and flavors.

Of course you can use your own puppy's kibble, treats, peanut butter or flavored paste with many of these toys (but not all).

If you do choose to use peanut butter please check the ingredients carefully before giving it to your pup. Some brands of peanut butter contain the sweetener Xylitol. This is highly toxic to dogs and even a small amount can be deadly.

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