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by Margee

This dog food is amazing and my three puppies are thriving off of it.

The ingredients are better than blue buffalo and many others that I see this website has recommended.

It cured our puppies of having running stools, gas, and bloating. After intensive research, Canidae is one of the best puppy foods out there.

Orijen's is the best, but very expensive, so Canidae is the next best one.

Hi Margee. I'm glad to hear that you've had success with the Canidae food you're feeding puppies.

Canidae isn't one of the foods on my 'recommended' list because it's impossible to be sure who is manufacturing the foods, or where, as Canidae do outsource to two major manufacturers. There was recall in 2012 (for salmonella contamination) for food manufactured by Diamond Pet Foods, which included Canidae formulas.

There have been reports of some of the formulas producing allergy symptoms in some dogs (customer/purchaser reviews/reports), especially skin and ear problems.

Of course, no food is perfect, and dogs can be allergic to dog foods of many different types/formulas. Canidae is generally considered to be a good quality food, and is keeping many, many pets happy and healthy.

It is simply not one that I personally would choose and that's why I don't have it on my list. It's working well for you and your puppies, so that's what counts here.

Thanks for sharing your experience with Canidae ~ Sue

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