Canidae could make your dog sick...

Canidae made my dog very sick.

Trying to let pet owners know that if they are feeding their dog Canidae and their dog becomes ill, try feeding their dog any other food and see if their dog gets better.

Wish I had done this much sooner than I did. Go to and look up Canidae.

That web site saved my dog's life.

I'm sorry to hear that you believe your dog got sick from eating Canidae dog food. I hope that he/she is now 100% healthy.

The most recent recall on a Canidae food was back in Spring of 2012 and since then there have been no official recalls or reports of this brand being a health hazard.

However, it would seem that there may have been some recipe changes over the past few months and that these might be responsible for a number of complaints of vomiting, diarrhea and generally upset stomachs.

This is all conjecture because as far as I have been able to find out there are no formal tests that have been done or recalls made - and millions of dogs eat (and have eaten for a long time) Canidae foods without problems.

The quality, ingredients and formulation of this brand continues to appear to be superior and without scientific evidence it's impossible to be sure what is causing some dogs to fall ill. I certainly don't feel able to say that it's not still an excellent food.

BUT it is important to be aware that these incidents have occurred, so I'm going to add a warning to this effect on the body of this page. I definitely feel that dog owners should have this info. and I really appreciate you sharing your experience with us.

Thanks again, Sue (from

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Jan 16, 2018
My dogs got sick too! NEW
by: Anonymous

My two dogs have been eating Canidae happy for some time, then all of a sudden both began vomiting such that they couldn’t keep anything done. I spent way too much mo eye at the vet, only to find that they got better the moment I changed their food. Why is this not being reported? Why has there not been a recall?!

Nov 26, 2017
My dog is sick too NEW
by: Robert parks

I usually fed canidae or merrick, on canidae my dog throws up food and lots of phlegm piles, on merrick he does not. I thought he was sick took him to the vet no signs of an illness, thought he had pneumonia, lungs are clear. Past few months I've been buying merrick no problems, the phlegm has gone away and no vomiting, just bought a bag of canidae and it started back up sorry I think they have a good product but it doesn't agree with my pet and his health is more important than the brand of food I use.

Feb 19, 2017
My dog was sick from Canidae too NEW
by: Karen

I bought Canidae Salmon for my dog today and within one hour, she had diarrhea and was vomiting. Both continued for about 3 hours and now we're just trying to get water into her.

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