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Applaws dry food (cats & dogs)

by Angela

We (my cat, dogs and I) like it because it is grain free, contains a good amount (37-38%) of high quality protein (75% chicken meat in dog and 80% in cat food) and they list the exact amount of each ingredient on their page (like: Chicken 66% (from Dried Chicken), Chicken Mince 8%, Peas 8% (from Dried Peas), etc...).

Also, they state on their page that they "promise to only use the highest level and quality animal protein, to only use the finest cuts of breast meat or fish fillet in our tins, pots and pouches, to never use cheap and unnecessary additives to fill our dry food and to only ever use the ingredients listed nothing more, and nothing hidden"

Qualitywise, from what I see, I think it quite compares to Orijen but, in Europe at least (it is made in the UK), it is quite less expensive.

For my elderly dogs it has a rather high fat level though (19-20%), thus I combine it with Acana Fit & Light, wich has a little less protein (35%), but only 10% fat.

For cat lovers among the doglovers I also highly recommend Porta 21 Sensitive grain free, 47% protein from almost 75% human grade chicken for less than half of the price of any other brand in that quality range. They have dog food, too.

Hi Angela. It's always good to get some feedback on dog food for countries/regions other than the US. It sounds as though Applaws is a good option. Thanks for sharing!
~ Sue

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