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My SBI Review

Hello & welcome to my SBI! Review

My name is Sue, and I'm the creator, owner and webmaster of the website.

Just a few years ago (back in 2006 to be precise, wow time flies when you're having fun!)  I never imagined that I would be able to build my very own website, let alone become a thriving e-biz owner, but then I found SBI! (aka Solo Build It!) and as the saying goes, the rest is history.

If you're dreaming of doing something you love, earning some extra money, being your own boss and working from home (or anywhere else you feel like) then Solo Build It! (aka 'SBI' or Sitesell) can help you do just that.

The Proof is in the Pudding!

I know how tricky it can be to find real, legitimate business opportunities online.

There are so many get-rich-quick schemes and a horde of scams. I got burned once or twice when I first started looking.. and it stung!

So I'm sharing my SBI! Review right here on my busy, successful website - because the proof is in the pudding as they say.. or in this case, it's in the website :)

My story is a little long but I hope you'll stay with me til the end because if you're truly looking for a chance to build a stable, successful online business with a traffic-pulling website (which isn't just a pretty face) then I truly believe that SiteBuildIt! is what you've been looking for. 

Spend the ten minutes it takes to read this entire page, it could save you a lot of lost time, money and effort.

** None of the links to SBI! or Solo Build It! articles on this page are affiliate (ie 'money-making') links.

I don't make a cent from you clicking on them or from any decision you make on this page, or going forward.

I wrote this review of Solo Build It! with the hope that it will help you to be successful too. No strings attached.

SBI! Review - My journey

I want to start my review of SBI! right at the very beginning of my online business building journey....

In 2006, after being a stay-at-home mom and wife for 25 years, I suddenly found myself a single-parent with 4 children to support.

I wasn't penniless, but I sure needed a way to supplement the alimony money!

I also wanted to be at home for my kids at a time when they really needed extra stability in their lives.

Working from home, online, seemed the perfect answer, but what to do... and how to do it?

In The Starting Blocks...

I was totally tech-phobic at this point, sending email was the upper-limit of my skill-set, but my kids gave me a crash course in Google-search and I was off.

But it wasn't smooth sailing by any means.... in fact, the number of GRQ (Get Rich Quick) schemes I came across was staggering, as was the number of self-proclaimed Internet Marketing Guru’s touting the 'next big thing'.

woman doing web business research online

I really wanted to believe that I could have thousands of dollars in my bank account within a week, but my brain knew that all the hype couldn’t possibly be true.

If I could REALLY make $10,000 a week, sitting at my kitchen table in my PJ’s why wasn’t everyone doing it?

Even if I'd wanted to, I couldn't afford to fork out the hundreds, or even thousands, of dollars most schemes wanted, so instead I trawled cyberspace for weeks, scraping together all the free information and tips I could find.

Then, finally, for once in my life I was actually in the right place at the right time!

During one of my late-night internet search sessions, I stumbled across the homepage.

It looked interesting, and definitely sounded a lot less 'hyped' than most of the stuff I was seeing, so I decided to keep reading.

Suddenly, I had this feeling of "Wow! THIS is what I’ve been looking for". The more I researched and read, the more excited I got.

Ken Evoy's message was clear.

SBI is not a GRQ scheme, but it CAN help anyone turn a hobby, passion or skill into a thriving online business.

Even someone with zero business, programming or web design skills (in my case I was probably in the minuses in all these areas), could learn how to create a profitable website. I didn’t even need a product to sell! "Wow" again!

Oh.. and more good news...

You're even luckier than I was because SBI! now has the option to pay $29.99 per month rather than the full year's subscription in one lump sum.

It's incredible value for money, and makes that first step a lot less scary when dollars are tight.

And the icing on the cake was that the whole SBI package (including a full years top quality web-hosting) was actually affordable!

Only $299 per year.

No hidden charges or additional add-ons to purchase, SBI! comes with everything you need built right in.

(Fast-forward a decade and it's STILL $299 per year even though the system is constantly growing and expanding to make sure that we SBI'ers stay on top of the ever-shifting sands of doing business online). 

NOTHING else I can think of has been inflation proof for a decade, and that's all down to Ken Evoy's commitment to us SBI'ers.).

It seemed too good to be true, but I figured I'd trust my instincts and take the chance.

After all, with SBI's 100% rock solid, money-back guarantee. What did I have to lose?

Ready... Set... Go!

Money was tight, but luck was on my side.

It was almost my birthday and my parents offered to buy my Solo Build It! package as an early birthday gift, and when I first logged on I felt like a kid at Christmas.

Woman with adopted dogThis is me with one of our dogs, Ivan.

I was now an official WAHM (work-at-home-mom).

From Day One SBI!s amazing, all-in-one software tools took care of all the scary, 'techie' stuff, while allowing me to turn my passion for puppies into the website that you’re visiting right now.

Now I know that the internet is jam-packed with hype and buzz surrounding the next GRQ scheme or guru.

I know that those dollar signs and flashy sales pitches can be very enticing, but there’s something else I know - and in Oprah’s words this is "one of the things I know for sure.." - it is that:

If you want to learn how to create a website that works (ie gets visitors) and build a profitable online business, then SBI! is the way to go.

SBI has added another dimension to my life, one that brings me so much enjoyment, fulfillment, pride (and yes $$$'s) that I am grateful every day that I found Solo Build It!

That's why I want this SBI! Review to be as detailed and personal as possible (which also means it's pretty darned long) ... I want everyone reading it to understand just what an amazing product/system it is. 

SBI! Review - What you get for your money

Describing SBI! isn't easy... because there's just so many parts to this business builder. 

Yes, it's NOT just a website builder, it's an online business builder. That's a important distinction.

There are many, many companies which tell you that their program will help you build a professional looking website... and even for non-techies some of these can deliver a website that looks pretty slick.

BUT having an attractive website is of no use at all if you don't know how to get any visitors!

That's where Solo Build It! is totally unique - in the sheer depth and breadth of the guidance, tools and support that you need to build a successful website.. not just one with a pretty face.

SBI! walks you through every single aspect of building both a website and a business including:

  • Research & Planning
  • Keyword choices
  • Content creation
  • Branding
  • Monetization
  • Using social media

..... and so much more.

The Action Guide (your e-biz building bible) is incredibly comprehensive and even non-techie beginners - just like I was - can follow the steps to create an impressive and profitable business.

Support from Sitesell is top-notch from start to finish, and there's also a wonderful forum where SBI'ers gather to ask questions, answer questions, brain-storm, offer support or just chat from time to time. 

It's truly like no other forum I've ever been a part of.

Solo Build It! got me on the right track...

As a life-long dog-lover, puppies have always been a passion of mine, but I have to admit that it wasn't the topic I had originally intended to build my website around.

Fortunately SBI's tools and Action Guide forced me to re-think some of my assumptions and expectations.

It steered me away from overcrowded, unsustainable topics such as 'make money online'.

Instead the incredible tools pointed me in the direction of something I was passionate, and knowledgeable about... taking care of dogs.

And boy, am I ever glad they did.

Dog care is an evergreen topic, people have always owned dogs, always will own dogs.. and many of these dog owners need tips, help, advice and support in order to take good care of their four-legged friends.

Where will they go for that. Yup, they'll get online. And I'll be here.

I think, breathe, dream and plan my websites all the time.

Sometimes I get up at 2am to jot down an exciting idea that’s popped into my head, and I'm still excited to sit down at my computer every morning and see where my journey is taking me.

SBI! Review - The definition/s of success

All the good feeling I have about SBI! wouldn't be very useful to anyone else if my review of the Solo Build It! tools and philosophy couldn't demonstrate that I've been successful using it, right?

So, how do we measure 'success' when it comes to e-business and website building?

There are at least two hard-fact, statistical methods: 

  • Traffic (ie visitors) to a website
  • Money earned from the business that site represents

By both of these calculations my online business and website are a success, thanks to SBI!

Then there's something else, something that is special to me and is it means that I've succeeded in a way which makes me happy.

Here's a closer look at all three...

Website Traffic

According to statistics there are approximately 200 MILLION websites online right now (yes, you read that right).. all of them competing for traffic (that's you, the visitor).

I started with just one website, this one I now have four, two more in the dog-care niche and one in a completely different arena.

Three of my four websites are in the top 0.5% of all active websites for traffic numbers and Alexa ranking.

That top 0.5% consists of one million sites - only ONE million of those TWO HUNDRED million active sites.

If you're mathematically inclined you'll know that this means only one out of every two hundred sites makes it into that half a percent at the top.


I think you could call this success :) I do anyway.

Just in case you're wondering if I just got lucky, or am a 'rare' Sitesell! success, you can check out this page which shows a selection of the SBI! websites in that top 0.5%.... I'm far, far, far from the only one!

SBI! Builds Top 0.5% Websites

Income... those elusive $$$'s

Or maybe not so elusive :)

Although I'm not a millionaire yet (remember this isn't a GRQ scheme) but my website has seen steady, solid growth, in both traffic and income since I first started out, and continues to do so.

Website income from SoloBuildIt!

The other three websites have all been added over the decade since then, each is growing stronger and they all keep me very busy.

My business allowed me to stay home with my kids at a time when it really counted, that was priceless to me, and has continued to give me a security and freedom I treasure.

Over the years the extra income has helped me support some of my children through college, help others when needed, and keep myself afloat in a comfortable way.

Now I have three grand-babies and I can afford to spoil them whenever I want to :)

Money and income can be a private subject, but in this case I think it's okay to share a little.

I currently earn around $5000 per month from my websites.

Approx 60% of that comes from Fidosavvy as the others are still much younger, but some of them are catching up.

Not bad for a mom with no computer or business skills when she started out!

I've had several offers from other business people and webmasters who want to buy, and these are BIG offers... 6 figures... but with the huge potential still just waiting to be reached, I'm not ready to sell yet.

My 'little' site has become a much bigger success than I had even hoped, and I'll be here helping it grow bigger and stronger for a long time yet.

My personal definition of success

Having websites which work the way they're supposed to and give me a comfortable income is something I feel so blessed to have, but these aren't the only way I measure the success of my online business.

When I started out it was with the aim of sharing the lifetime of experience that I had of owning, training, raising and loving dogs.

I hoped that by sharing the things I had learned, sometimes the hard way, I would be able to help visitors to my site enjoy their pets more and worry less.

Young girl with her puppy

My hopes for the other websites were of the same kind.

Given the sheer volume of emails, questions and Facebook comments I get on a daily basis across all websites, I believe I've succeeded.

Helping puppy and dog owners raise happy healthy puppies, who grow into loving, confident and happy dogs, gives me a sense of pride and fulfillment I can’t explain.

When I answer someone’s frantic question and they say "Thank you so much! You made all the difference", it makes my day!

Knowing I've helped just one dog, or one owner, is a great feeling and thanks to SBI! I am helping thousands, every single day.

Fake SBI Reviews

If you've been researching online to ensure that you choose the best route to start your e-business then I'm sure you've been looking at reviews of many products/programs.

That's what I did when I first started out.

Unfortunately before I found SBI! I did get sucked into a couple of scams/GRQ schemes and lost both money and time.

Both of which I needed to get my REAL online business started.

The internet can be a very confusing place, and it's easy for anyone to make a silk purse out of a sow's ear (an old saying of my grandma's). 

You may even have come across this in relation to Sitesell (perhaps even using SBI's new branded name Solo Build It!).

There seem to be many reviews churned out by a company called Wealthy Affiliate, all of which claim that the WA program is far superior to that of SBI!

What they don't tell you is that these fake reviews are part of a circular process whereby the 'reviewers' are paid to send you to their product (Wealthy Affiliate) and if you see the words 'Click here to see the product I recommend..' (or anything similar) then that is an affiliate link.

The vast majority of WA members do NOT have websites, let alone successful ones. They make their money from recommending the product, not using it.

Solo Build It! undertook an intensive head-to-head study to test the claims made my WA and the results were emphatic... totally blowing those fake claims right out of the water.

You don't have to take my word for that :)

You can take a comprehensive look at exactly how the study was done, and the results

(Spoiler Alert:  Solo Build It! places 33X MORE websites in the top bracket than WA which means you are 33 times more likely to build a successful website and e-biz using Solo Build It! than WA). 

So, those claims of that 'WA is the best'?  Clearly not true!

You can read all three parts of the Solo Build It! v Wealthy Affiliate Study for yourself, start here.....

Solo Build It! v Wealthy Affiliate Study - Part One

If you'd like to see the results first just start here Solo Build It! v Wealthy Affiliate Study - Part Three

There's even a condensed summary of the Solo Build It! v Wealthy Affiliate study/results here Wealthy Affiliate Review

Want to Build Your Own Online Business?

First find your passion... is it needlework, cats, travel, classic cars?

Maybe you're a craftsman, an insurance salesman, a therapist, a chef, a stay-at-home mom.. or any of a zillion other things.

Whatever it is, and whoever you are, all you need is passion and a willingness to work.

Use Solo Build It! which provides all the tools and technical know-how you'll ever need.

SBI! will hold your hand through every business-and-website-building stage, helping you to:

  • Choose the best topic/niche
  • Investigate the competition
  • Design the 'look and feel' of your site
  • Write the content
  • Build steady targeted traffic
  • Earn those, all important, dollars

With SBI, you'll learn exactly how to create a profitable website, built firmly around your own passion, and you’ll actually enjoy doing it.

You'll soon see why SBI'ers everywhere say "We Love SBI!" 

Thank You!

Thanks for staying with me, I hope you found my Solo Build It! review helpful, interesting, inspiring... or something along those lines :)

I wish you the very best of luck in your online endeavors and hope that you enjoy your e-biz journey as much as I do. Every, single, day.

PS - if you'd like to see my other websites (which give you an idea of a couple of different design styles available with Solo Build It too) feel free to check them out here:

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