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Skittles Rainbow

by Joy Eberly
(mount vernon WA. skagit county)

skittles and her pinky

skittles and her pinky

I was the luckiest person to get this 10-week-old little bundle of love. It took a while to name her. I was sitting on the couch trying to open a bag of skittles candy when all of a sudden it ripped the candy scattered everywhere and she ran to my room. That is how she got her name "SKITTLES RAINBOW".

My mom had passed away 2007 and left us some money. With the last $400 I had I bought skittles as a gift from my mom. It was the best gift that I could have gotten. She went everywhere with me. We had an unbreakable bond. She gave me so much love.

Skittles became my therapy dog. There is no way to put into word how this little furry dog stole my heart, we had ups/downs, yet I would not change anything. As she aged her health started taking on issues. Skittles was only weeks old when my son was getting off heroin and she stayed by him through the whole thing. Her love was unconditional.

At the end of her life the medical issues were so many that I chose to have her put to sleep, it took me two weeks to make this choice.

She crossed the rainbow bridge at 11:55 am February 18, 2022. My heart will forever be broken and hurting.

Joy, I am so very sorry for you loss. Skittles sounds like a very special dog indeed, and I know the love you shared will always be with you. God Bless

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