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Petstages Puppy Teething Toys

Petstages puppy teething toys are a practical and fun way for your puppy to entertain himself, soothe his sore gums and exercise his strong urge to chew.

Petstages Inc. (which is now part of the Outward Hound group) is one of the leading manufacturers of colorful, fun and innovative developmental toys for dogs and cats and there are always new lines and new products in the works.

They use a wide variety of different materials, colors, shapes, textures, functions and features - making each carefully thought out product a multi-textured, multi-colored, multi-sensory experience for your pup.

Top Petstages teething toys for puppies include:

What to look for in puppy teething toys:

  • Durability and strength, not likely to break or splinter
  • A little bit 'give' or flexibility which is easy on little mouths
  • Variety of textures for interest & added play value

Teething puppies often have tender gums and this stage can be uncomfortable for some. If a toy has the ability to be frozen or cooled in some way that's an added bonus as cold temperatures are soothing on hot and sore little gums.

More Petstages Toys for Puppies

All puppies NEED to chew, they also love to play with toys for fun.

There is a difference between dog toys which have been specifically designed for chewing, and toys that are for tug-of-war,  chasing, or just everyday play.

Although chew toys are the most durable of the bunch, it's important to always supervise your puppy when he's playing with, or chewing on, his toys. 

It's not only large breed dogs or power chewers who can destroy a toy by chewing a piece off or tearing it up. Terriers are very intense about their play sessions and ANY puppy or dog is at risk of swallowing a piece of a toy, or worse.

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