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Personalized Dog Gifts

Personalized dog gifts are the perfect choice because every single puppy or dog is unique and special... so the gift you choose should be too!

This page features a hand-picked selection of some of the best personalized items available - no boring, generic choices here :)

Best Personalized Dog Gifts

Whether you're looking for something for Fido to wear, eat, use or play with, these unique items will fit the bill and every single one of them can be personalized with the lucky pups' name :)

Let's start with just a few of the many gorgeous personalized dog name tags lovingly designed & created by Melanie MacCallum of TazzPetTags.

I absolutely love the look of these designs. Classy, individual and stylish... what more could a well-dressed pooch want?

Bronze & Copper Dog ID Tag
Bronze/Copper 'Pete'
Aluminum & Bronze dog ID tag
Aluminum/Bronze 'Bullet'
Copper Heart-Shaped dog ID tag
Copper 'Lulu'

Click Here to see the full range of Tazzpetags' designs!

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Or.... how about a beautiful new collar personalized with the lucky pups' name?

Here is just a small sample of the huge range of colors, styles, materials and designs available...

Click Here to see hundreds more gorgeous collars which can be personalized

Or how about making sure Fido eats/drinks from his very own, personalized dog bowl or feeder?

I personally prefer stainless steel or ceramic bowls because they're durable and easy to clean.

Here are some of my favorites (there are so many great ones it was difficult to limit myself to just three, so I went for a round half-dozen!).

Click Here to see lots more gorgeous, personalized dog bowls

When the weather gets a little chilly (or the A/C is cranked up) a warm, comfy blanket can keep your dog cozy... and it's even better when it has his/her name on it!

Here are a handful of different blanket designs to check out, I'm sure Fido will appreciate one of them.

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One of the ways to a dogs' heart is most definitely through his stomach!

These mouth-watering personalized dog treats aren't just delicious, they're all hand-made  from natural, healthy ingredients too.

Yummy :)

....and here are some special treat jars to store those amazing goodies in.

Click Here to find tons more delicious personalized dog treats and containers.

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