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Peanut- Best Dog Ever

by Cindy Mankin
(St. James,MO)

Peanut was an amazing dog who was a loving little soul.

You could look into his big brown eyes and they would melt your heart. You could just feel the love and connection with him. Everyone in our family felt it. My mom nicknamed him “Cecil” she said when you looked into his eyes it was like looking into the soul of a little ole man.

He was my shadow if I was home he was with me everywhere. If I left him home with other family members he would pout and give everyone the cold shoulder for hours especially if I was gone over night. I feel so lost without him.

Peanut-You were more than a dog, you were a family member without a doubt. You made us laugh, you made us feel loved and at times you made us wonder what you were thinking.When the world felt like it was crashing down around some of us you were there as a silent supporter. You had our back whether it was with a forceful nudge on hand with your head to get our attention to pet you or laying down at our feet and falling asleep with your head on our foot. You didn’t mind car rides, you tolerated the outfits and come to love your sweaters no matter how nerdy they were. Posing for pictures was something you mastered, you would sit there and give a look like only you could do with those big brown eyes.

When your heart stopped beating mine broke into. You were my shadow, my stalker, my best friend until the end.

I just hope you know how much you were loved and how much we feel blessed for having you in family.

Love and miss you daily Pea.

What a beautiful tribute to a dog who was clearly very loved, and very lucky. I'm so very sorry for your loss - Sue

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