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My best friend

by Elisabeth

We got our best friend almost 10 years ago. He came home when he was six weeks old. His belly was so chubby he could not walk without a stumble. He was the sweetest, kindest soul I have ever met.

Friday we found out our sweet pals body was failing. So hard as he never let us know he was in pain. It was more than tough to make the decision. I never knew what the ache of grief felt like. I never knew just how much I could love another soul.

Thank you Berkley. You were our first baby. We experienced so much life together. We moved across the country. You were my hiking guide. So many trips to find a pool I could sneak you into in the dessert. You were my snuggle buddy. You were always there to greet me with a smile and a booty wag. You were there to lick the tears off my face when no one else knew I was crying. You warmed my heart from the moment we met.

I honestly don't know what I'm going to do without you. It hasn't sunk in that you will not be there to greet me in the morning. It has not hit me yet that my entire daily routine has just shifted. I feel empty. Deflated and a sadness I've never experienced. I also feel a love so deep it makes the pain worth it. Every piece of hair, every chewed shoe, ever piddle, every night I lost sleep with worry that this may be the outcome would not be traded for my time spent with my Berks.

You will forever be in my heart buddy. I hope you ran right past the lord himself in true Berks fashion and jumped right into a pool.

RIP Berkley I love you

Elisabeth, so very sorry for your loss. It is abundantly clear how deeply you loved your Berkley, and I'm 100% sure he felt and knew that love every single day. One of the lucky dogs of this world <3

I know that it feels as though you will never get over this loss, but although you won't forget him, or stop being sad at his loss, it will become bearable and you'll be able to remember the good times with smiles instead of tears.

Sending sympathy and hugs to you at this difficult time. Hang in there. ~ Sue

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