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Kioko, the dog from Japan

by Theresa Tyksinski

I was a flight attendant flying to Asia.

Walking near the hotel was a small dog with 4 puppies. As the flight crew we all took care of them by making sure we left them enough food. I got worried as 3 puppies disappeared. I decided to bring Mama dog back to the US. I called her Kioko after my Japanese friend who helped me.

I got the cages , Kioko had one remaining puppy. Yuki. Had them vaccinated and they had the 30 day required stay. My husband just shook his head in puzzlement that I was doing this

Kioko was immediately taken to our Vet for a check up. Yuki also.
We had not been given the right information in Japan, She had heartworm disease. Our wonderful Vet saved her. Kioko was quickly trained by our wonderful MacDougal, a Golden. Yuki went to live with a family member in Chicago.

Kioko was a sweetheart. I had thought she just a stray, our vet said "she was a Shiba Inu" Walking her at first was tough as she was used to hunting for food for her puppies. Our first walk, she saw a squirrel and as hard as I held on her the leash I ended on my rear end.
Embarrassing, a UPS truck stopping to ask if I needed help.

Within a couple of weeks she was great. She loved our 3 cats and I think MacDougal had a few words with her re her behaviour. We had 8 years with her. Macdougal and she are gone now, along with Mollie and Katie, our cats.

Now we have Mikey and Lucy, 2 stray cats that were dropped off by someone. But we have just wonderful memories of Kioko and Macdougal.

God bless you for taking in Kioko and Yuki. You were their guardian angels!

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