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by Chandni Anand Talwar

My sweetest little friend left us yesterday 29 July 2014.

We bough Ginger into our home on 26 Jan 2003 on a chilly winter night. She would have been 11 years and 7 months today.

She was the cutest little black and white cocker spaniel. When we went to pick her up, we saw her along with her other brothers and sisters but it was Ginger who made an instant connect with us.

She was playful , loving , affectionate and smart. She woke us up every morning with her front paws, loved going for morning walks with my dad,ate everything that we ate (subdued flavour with yogert), was the first one to get into the car, hated getting her hair combed for which we would have to bribe her with biscuits and treats while someone quickly combed her hair, loved being part of all conversations , even if her most active involvement meant dozing off in the middle of everyone lol,

She loved her mattress with which she had a little winter affair every year ;), she loved to play tug of war with a piece of cloth and while everyone would tell me to stop when they would hear her growl at me for pulling , i knew she was only playing, just so soo many sweet memories of my little gingy.

She was a sweetiepie. She was my ginge, my gingeru, my gingy, my ginge binge and I can't believe she is gone to a place from where she is never coming back.

I just hope you are not alone out there my baby, I do know all of us your friends your family are back here, but don't be scared my ginge, you will make new friends and I will always talk to you through my thoughts.

I love you baby and pray to God to take good care of you and to give you company. Your loss is one of the biggest losses in my life. Just don't be scared baby, you don't have to suffer the pain you went through ever again.

I love you a lot and hopefully you will come back again into our life sometime someday. I love you Ginge binge.

Hugs and kisses for you always my baby girl.


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Aug 13, 2014
Sad for you
by: Anonymous

I am sorry for your loss. YOur little girl had the best home with you. She loved you with all her little dog heart.

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