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Growling & Growling

by Enid Marion Gospel

My 14 month old Scottie growling & biting, Any Help Please

Growling, nipping and biting is normal behavior in young puppies, but usually isn't still be an issue at fourteen months.

However it's possible what you're seeing is adolescent puppy behavior, a testing of limits and attempt at gaining control in situations. This IS normal for puppies in the teen phase.

Terriers can be very stubborn, determined little creatures but if you're firm in the boundaries you set and the approach you have to dealing with the growling and biting you will be able to keep control of the reins.

I'd recommend checking out this page on my site Adolescent Puppy Behavior as it has tons of information and advice about negotiating this challenging period of puppy development.

Scottish Terriers are bold, independent dogs and they were originally bred to deal with vermin and to hunt them down if needed. Shaking a rat (or whatever they caught in their mouth) was a way to kill them, usually growling accompanied that. This is a breed specific behavior and instinctive, so growling and being mouthy come naturally to this breed. However growling at, or biting, humans is always a no-no and showing your pup this consistently is important.

For ways to curb biting and nipping check out my Puppy Biting page. The advice there is relevant regardless of the age of a pup/dog. It just takes more time, patience and persistence when a pup is older because the habit has become more ingrained.

I hope this helps and wish you the best of luck with your puppy ~ Sue

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