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by James Lipski
(palm coast fl)


VERY SAD DAY TODAY I HAD TO LET MY BEST FRIEND NEMO cross over to rainbow bridge with out me and I all ready miss him I got NEMO 14 years ago from the Broward county humane society in Hollywood fl off griffin road he was a stray beaten and abused and left for dead and he was already 18 t0 24 months old and when I seen him I made him a promised that I would always take care of NEMO and protect NEMO but 2 weeks ago he was diagnosed with mass cell tumor and CHF and there was nothing I could do I took him to animal hospitals vets ect.

But he was a strong dog and from that day forward I slept on the floor next to him hugging and kissing NEMO hoping and praying for a cure took NEMO to specialist and oncologist to try to save him he was having a hard time breathing so I got him oxygen and put it on him 24/7 but when he took it off he would distress breath and believe me when I tell this this was the hardest day of my life as my wife knows that I have been crying for NEMO and asking god why NEMO was such a loving soul never was mean to anything or any body he was such a handsome boy the best looking American bulldog I had ever seen and I mean that but I feel so sad that NEMO had to go as I still grieve.

I am crying on this keyboard rite now I never hurt this bad before and believe me I been shot stabbed fell out of a car and nothing in the world hurt me to this extent I cant stop hurting please all who read this please keep NEMO in your prayers because again there was something different with this dog when I finally made the decision to send him up when I was taking him out for a bathroom break without his oxygen on he tired and ran out of breath and stopped and he looked up at me standing there NEMO was breathing really hard and fast with watery eyes like he was saying dad please, Please help me and then I realized there was nothing I could do and I did not want to see him suffer so today 2/15/2019 day after valentines day I had to set MY BEST FRIEND FREE and let him go home.

When they gave him that shot to make relax I held him told NEMO how much he was love and for 4 hours I stayed and said and held him tight and told him how much I love him and how I will miss him GOODBYE MY OLD FRIEND when I get done grieving I will go get a tattoo of his footprints on my heart NEMO GONE BUT NEVER WILL NEMO BE FORGOTTEN because he was MY BEST FRIEND please every person that reads this please repost it on all sites as possible please help me as I want NEMO'S legacy to live on
James Lipski/Janet Mading


thanks for letting me grieve

James, I am so very sorry for your loss. Your Nemo must have been one very special boy and I'm so glad he found love and happiness with you after his rough start. I am sure he knew how much he was loved and you did everything you could for him, even making the hardest decision, perhaps of your life, to ease his suffering. I hope that you can remember Nemo with less heartache as time passes and perhaps one day you can help another abandoned, homeless or abused dog in his honor. RIP Nemo and God bless you both.

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