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Ariel, my hero

by John Chambers
(Norwood, Massachusetts)

Five years ago I adopted Ariel from a Brittany Spaniel rescue organization. I have Military PTSD and have a very difficult time with paranoia and trust. Ariel had a rough life and also had her problems with trust.

We took to each other immediately. She was so happy and so eager to please. We became inseparable 24 hours a day. She became my Service Dog. She knew when we put her vest on that it was time for work. She enjoyed her role so much. Staying in exact step with me and making eye contact for direction.

She also knew when it was play time and totally enjoyed sniffing out chipmunks and rabbits. In the home she was always within 5 feet of me. She would sense when I was struggling and would jump on my lap to calm me.

Last Friday she passed away. She had cancer. While she still could, her and I did a bucket list of her favorite things.

There is such a hole in my life. I can barely function. I miss her so much.

John, I am so sorry about your loss of Ariel. I can only imagine how difficult this must be for you. You were both blessed to have shared such an amazing relationship and bond, but losing something like that is heart-rending. Ariel was so fortunate to have enjoyed her bucket list and to have been loved until the very end. I hope one day you find yourself in a place where you can open up your heart to another dog. He/she will never be Ariel but will help fill the hole in your heart and you'll build another beautiful relationship. Hang in there. Time does take the edge off the pain. God Bless.
~ Sue

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