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The Awesome American Bulldog

The American Bulldog originated from the early English Bulldogs who were brought to the US by early immigrants.

This breed was recognized by the UKC (United Kennel Club) in 1999 under the 'Working' category.

American Bulldogs are taller dogs than their English ancestors. They're confident, versatile and athletic and can be seen in many different settings today.

They can be working dogs and cattle drovers, excel in weight-pulling competitions, and are reliable protectors of the home.

As the breed developed, two distinct 'types' appeared - each one nurtured and encouraged by the original US breeders Alan Scott and John Johnson.

The 'Scott' type of American Bulldogs (also known as the 'Standard' type) is lighter, with a narrower muzzle. The 'Johnson' (also known as the 'Bully' or 'Classic' type) are overall heavier, more muscular and with a shorter muzzle.

Three adult American Bulldogs lying in the grass

American Bulldog Stats

Country of Origin: - Great Britain

Size: - Large

Height: - 20 - 28 inches

Weight: - 60 - 125lbs

Color: - Most often solid white or white with any color, pattern or combination (up to 90% color). Solid blue, black or tricolor not permitted.

Temperament: - Intelligent, sensitive, self-confident.

Activity Level: - High

Life Span: - Average of 10 - 15 years

Grooming: - Minimal, a light-to-moderate shedder

Special Needs: - Experienced owner. Early and ongoing training and socialization. Regular exercise. Securely fenced yard.

Possible Health Problems:

- Eye problems, skin allergies, hip dysplasia, mast-cell tumors, this breed is also particularly susceptible to Canine Parvovirus (as are Rottweilers, Doberman Pinschers and many of the 'bully' breeds)

More About The American Bulldog Breed

American Bulldog pup sitting outdoors

Bulldogs were originally bred in England, for the sport of bull-baiting, and were working dogs, also used to catch livestock and guard property.

Sometimes American 'bullys' are confused with the Pitbull breed, but although they ARE both 'bully breeds' they are quite different.

This is a charismatic, powerful and self-confident breed - hardy and strong. Able to drive cattle and hogs, help with the hunt or protect house and home.

He's calm and affectionate with his family and people, usually good with children, but can wary of strangers. A protective and fearless breed.

Is often very loving with children but does need to be socialized to them early. Has a high prey drive and often doesn't do well with other smaller pets unless introduced to them at a very young age. Can be dog aggressive.

Check out this organization for loads more information on this awesome breed (American Bulldog Association). If you're interested in adopting an American Bully, you might also want to visit

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