The Best Indestructable Dog Toys

Indestructable dog toys keep your puppy or dog happy for longer and save you money!

Safe, sturdy and strong dog toys are a necessity if you share your home with a puppy, adolescent (or even a mature) dog.

Because a bored Fido is a destructive Fido... and the bigger he is, the worse the trouble you're going to be in!

chocolate lab puppy showing his teeth

But it's not only the big guys who can do some damage.

Smaller, high energy breeds such as terriers, and herding dogs can also wreak some havoc of their own, and they can all destroy your 'average' dog toy in short order.

As 'mom' to both Rottweilers and Italian Mastiffs, I can tell you that the majority of dog toys are NOT designed for these kind of power chewers.

So I've put together a collection of some of the best indestructible toys on the market to keep your little 'Jaws' happy and safe.

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The Unbreakoball!

Which Are The Best & Toughest Dog Toys?

In this area my personal experience has paid off!

Many years of trial and error (and a houseful of dogs) have shown me exactly which toys truly deserve the label 'indestructible dog toys' - and which don't!

If your pup is a large breed, or has especially powerful jaws (like a APBT or Boxer, for example), stay away from the cheaper plastic, rubber or soft toys. Likewise regular tennis balls.

None of these will stand up to Fido's dedicated chewing.

Sadly, I would also have to say that I rarely find soft (plush or canvas) toys that makes the 'indestructable dog toys' list!

My dogs adore these toys, but even the best of them will have a limited 'shelf life' compared to Kongs and other super-tough toys.

There are one or two that can hold their own for a while, but eventually they succumb. I still let my guys play with them, but always supervise them very closely and take the toy away before it's dismembered and ingested. Sad, but true :(

However, although ALL of the carefully chosen toys on this page are super-tough and the best choices for large breeds or those who simply LOVE to chew.... they are not going to last forever.

Some dogs will manage to damage even the most 'indestructible' dog toys, and once that happens that plaything really isn't safe any longer.

Always remember to check your dog's toys regularly for wear and tear, holes, torn areas etc., and replace them as necessary.

Kongs - the ultimate in indestructable dog toys!

One of the most famous names in indestructable dog toys is Kong.

The original, heavy-duty rubber Kong Toys have been around since the 1970's and are the original 'indestructible dog toy' - designed to stand up to the company founder's German Shepherd.

They're SO good that they're still market leaders today!

Of course there's a much wider variety of Kong toys available today. There's a whole host of sizes, shapes and colors to choose from, and it's difficult to find something more entertaining to your dog than an original style rubber Kong stuffed with peanut butter and frozen for a few hours. Now THAT's a tough dog toy!

The product line now also includes 'soft' toys of different descriptions, these aren't as sturdy as the rubber toys, but they're still superior in terms of standing up to wear and tear, than most similar designs.

Here's a look at some of my favorite Kong dog toys.....

KONG Extreme Dog Toy

"World's Strongest Dog Toy!"

Made from exclusive carbon Black Ultra-Flex™ rubber, these are perfect for large power-chewers and working dogs....

... you know, those dogs that destroy every toy known to man in under an hour!

Can be stuffed with food or treats for added play value. Puncture-resistant and non-toxic.

Sizes: Original 4", X-Large 5", Ultra 6" 

KONG Extreme Goodie Bone
Dog Toy (Medium)

All Kongs are made from extra-tough, durable rubber, and this toy is especially suitable for aggressive chewers.

Can hold toys/treats for added fun!

Helps curb destructive chewing and is great for dogs who suffer from seperation anxiety.

Size: 7" 

Kong Wobbler Toy

This Kong creation isn't just a toy, it's a food dispenser too! Entertain your dog, feed him and exercise his brain all at the same time.

Interactive toys are great for keeping dogs occupied, and this one has the added benefit of being 'Kong tough', a winning combination. 

The unpredictable way this dog toy rolls, swings and wobbles, means increased play value.... fill it with your puppy or dogs' regular kibble and watch him have fun.

It's great for those 'chow hounds' as there's no way they can 'inhale' their meal when they get it from the Wobbler.

Suitable for all puppies and dogs over 10 lbs.

Easy to fill and dishwasher safe.

Give it a try! 

Kong Wubba Dog Toy (Large)

This interactive tug-and-toss toy is made from two balls (a tennis ball and a squeaker ball) covered in extra-tough, heavy duty nylon fabric.

Dogs love to pull and chew on the long legs (or perhaps they're tentacles!), and the fabric can stand up to a lot of chewing!

It's also easy to throw this toy, and much easier to get out of your dog's mouth than your average ball - without getting covered in saliva at least.

Comes in a variety of sizes and colors, to suit all sizes of dogs.

Also comes in a plush version... KONG Wubba Friend Dog Toy (Extra Large)

KONG Squeezz Stick Dog Toy

If your pup loves squeaky toys (and I've never met one who didn't!), this Kong toy is going to be just perfect for him :)

The durable non-toxic thermo-plastic rubber means these toys are soft enough to be satisfyingly 'chewy', but strong enough to stand up to powerful jaws.

It also means that they bounce erratically and float too - which adds to the fun.

Knobbly, textured exterior makes the stick extra-interesting for your dog.

The squeaker is firmly embedded and protected, which means less chance of it being ripped out, and adds a whole lot more play value.

Kong Squeezz toys are available in the popular 'stick' shape (shown here) and in a variety of other designs including balls, rings, dumbells, bones and more.

Plus they come in a whole set of attractive 'jewel' colors and a range of sizes.

Scroll to the bottom of this page to read the review a visitor posted here... the title is 'Kong Squeezz Stick' (duh!), you can see how happy  this indestructible chew toy made her power-chewer!

If you want to see the whole selection of Kong toys - and there are LOTS of them - check out this page Kong Dog Toys.

There's one that's perfect for your dog, or puppy, no question!

AND.... if you have a puppy who's teething you're going to love all the wonderful Kong puppy teething toys.......

The Best Indestructable Balls For Dogs

Just about every dog loves to play with a ball, whether it's a soccer ball, a tennis ball or a squeaky ball... they're all hot favorites.

BUT when it comes for dog toys that are indestructible for, finding a ball that can go the distance is a challenge.

Some of the most popular ones are even downright dangerous for them.

My dogs are pretty average in this respect (but of course they're above average in cuteness, intelligence and just about everything else, lol) and they love balls just like all their friends.

So, we've been through a number of different types and sizes, and here are the ones that win our thumbs up....

Hol-ee Roller X
Extreme 5 Dog Toy

This ball is awesome, and it's probably one of the most versatile balls ever!

Made from 100% all-natural rubber, it's 'squishy', stretchy and stands up to a huge amount of abuse. We have several of these in our house and every dog loves them.

Because they're so flexible, your pooch can't really get a good 'grip' on them, and the unexpectedness of this is half the fun!

I'd recommend choosing just the large 'X' strong variety though, because we had a smaller 'regular' Hol-ee Roller and the German Shepherd pup eventually managed to tear it up.

The bigger ones though are super-tough, and they truly deserve to be on any 'Indestructible Dog Toys' list. 

For extra play value, stick a couple of pigs ears or rawhide chews (or even a favorite edible bone or toy) inside the ball and it will keep the most demanding pup happy for quite a while... the bigger size balls allow the most variation here.

* Do keep an eye on your pup if he's got a pigs ear or rawhide in the ball though, most enterprising puppies eventually manage to wrestle that tasty treat out through the holes eventually.

Everlasting Treat Ball

Your dog will enjoy everlasting chewing fun with this uniquely durable treat ball.

Rugged, tear and puncture resistant, this ball stands up the the strongest jaws! And it has a LOT of play value.

Most puppies and dogs love any toy that has an edible component and this one fits the bill.

Fill with treats of your choice, these include Chicken, Liver, Barbeque, Veggie, even Vanilla Mint to keep your pup's breath sweet.

Dishwasher safe, free of latex, vinyl, and phthalates

Available in three sizes, with treats to match.

These balls will keep your pup busy for, well.... ever!

* Please make sure you always supervise your pup or dog when he's playing with an 'edible' toy.

Depending on the strength of Fido's jaws, and the angle at which he holds this ball, occasionally the treat can 'pop' out.

If that happens take the toy away as he could a) choke on the solid treat or b) end up with a tummy upset from eating it! 

Planet Dog Orbee-Tuff
Woof Ball

Orbee-tuff balls come in a lot of different sizes, colors and designs.

Everyone has their favorite, and this one is one of ours!

Your pup will love this super strong, durable, bouncy mint-scented ball.

Smooth surface, bright colors, raised lettering.

My dogs love the minty taste (in fact they seem to be addicted to anything that tastes of smells of mint... hide the gum!), yours probably will too.

100% guaranteed product.

Jolly Pet Ball
with Rope 8"

The Jolly balls were originally made for horses to play with... and if it can stand up to a horse, then it should be good for Fido right?

Of course, that's not exactly how it happened, but the Jolly Ball now comes in sizes and designs specifically made for dogs - and they're as hugely popular with the canine population as they were with the equine one.

A combination of heavy-duty, non-toxic Polyethylene plastic and sturdy rope makes this ball fun to throw, tug and carry.

Won't deflate if punctured, and floats for extra play value.

Available with or without rope and in 10", 8" and 6" sizes.

So there's something for dogs and pups of all sizes. T

he rope won't last as long as the ball, but that won't stop Fido from enjoying it for a l-o-n-g time. 

Varsity Ball
(Tennis Ball Design)

These Varsity balls truly are INDESTRUCTIBLE!

Made from 100% non-toxic linear low density polyethylene and made in the USA.

The Varsity Ball was designed specifically as outdoor play toys for big dogs who have a strong prey drive and for herding breeds.

At 12" in diameter and weighing about 3 lbs, this ball gives Fido a real workout!

I have a male Rottweiler whose favorite ball was a bowling ball.. until the Varsity Ball came along. He pushes it with his nose and paws, runs after it, rolls it all over the place. Basically LOVES it.

But, not all dogs will enjoy this toy. It's really hard, and heavy, and doesn't squeak. It can't be picked up, or thrown (dangerous!) and is not suitable for indoors.

So, not for everyone, but if your dog is medium to large size, a herding breed, or just loves balls, this is one to try... at no risk to your wallet.

The manufacturers are so confident in their product that if your dog manages to destroy it, they'll give you a 100% refund plus an extra 10%. Really.

10" Big Daddy

Here's another ball that is similar to the Varsity Ball... the brand-new super-tough 'Unbreakoball' ..... virtually indestructible.

Made in the USA, from non-toxic, 100% recyclable high density Polyethylene plastic which can take any abuse your dog can hand out.

The 6" size is designed for dogs between 35 and 70lbs, the 10" is perfect for dogs over 70lbs.

I'd recommend that regardless of how much your dog weighs, for safety reasons only use a ball that is too big for him to get into his mouth.

Your dog can pick up the Unbreakoball and carry it around if he can 'hook' his teeth on the holes in the ball.

This adds another dimension of play, to the rolling/pushing and 'footie' elements.

It's hard surface stands up to being rolled across all types of surfaces and can't be punctured.

It's dishwasher safe too :)

Rotties, pitbulls, mastiffs, herding breeds.... this is a great ball for any dog who loves to play ball, but destroys lesser designs all too quickly.

Nuts for Knots Heavy
Duty Toy

This heavy-duty rope tug toy for is specifically designed to stand up to power chewers.

It's significantly bigger than the colorful 'Nuts for Knots' woven ball above, and is made from heavy-duty, natural colored rope.

This toy has an integrated rope 'handle' as well which makes it a great choice for a bit of 'tug-o-war'.

Nuts-for-knots toys are available in different designs too. Including a simple rope ball (without the tug handle), rope tug toys and rope 'bone' toys with squeakers.

West Paw Design Guaranteed Tough Large Tux Dog Toy,

This West Paws toy is made from super-tough Zogoflex ® and is about as 'indestructable' as you can get! It's pliable and 'bendy' yet guaranteed to stand up to all the abuse your dog can dish out.

It's also bouncy, floaty (is that a word?), and can even be stuffed with a favorite treat..... plus it's non-toxic, eco-friendly and dishwasher safe.

This toy really does deliver value for money. What more could you (or your dog) ask for?

The incredible Zogoflex ® material is also used in a whole range of West Paw Design chew toys and they're all considered to be practically indestructible!

Take a look at these...

The Tux - another 'Treat' puppy toy

The Huck - a floaty, bouncy super-fun ball

The West Paw Design Zogoflex Dog Toy, Zisc, Colors Vary - a soft yet tough Frisbee-type disc

The Bumi Dog Toy - a bendy, stretchy, all-but indestructible dog toy for throwing, tugging, chewing.....

Other Assorted Indestructible Dog Toys

Tough dog toys come in all sorts of shapes, sizes, colors and designs.

I've rounded up a selection of the ones I think are the best, the majority of which have been tried-and-tested by our multi dog household.

I'm pretty sure you'll find something that both you, and Fido, will LOVE :)

Nylabone Big Chews

Big Chews for Big Dogs are a cut above your average nylon toys.

This range of Nylabone chew toys is made extra-tough, and extra big, especially suited for dogs over 50lbs and power chewers of all sizes!

My son's Pitbull has had his 'turkey leg' for months and months, and although there are definitely teeth-marks on it, it's holding up better than most toys do in his tender care :)

Plain nylon can be boring, but the flavor makes all the difference, and keeps Fido coming back to it over and over again. A winner!

Beef Flavored Bowser
Extra Tuff

Fido's Extra-Tuff range is made from super-durable polyurethane and was designed to be literally indestructible.

In fact, manufacturers' customer research shows that it often outlasts Nylabone by about 2 months - that's impressive.

A great way to keep your dogs teeth and gums healthy by preventing plaque build-up while keeping him busy and happy. Deliciously flavored too!

If you have a less-aggressive chewer he can join in the fun too, with Fido's Fido - Beef Flavored - Bowser - Superflex range.

These are made from a blend of polyurethane and unique synthetic rubber which gives a degree of flexibility to the toys. Same great flavors and dental benefits too.

Tuffy Mega Ring

Tuffy Mega Toys are advertised as being the 'toff'est soft toys' around, and they actually live up to their hype! Our Olde English Bulldogge LOVES these.

Uniquely constructed from 7 layers of super-durable fabrics, protective webbing and triple stitched seams.

There's no stuffing to pull out, and they even have squeakers sewn securely into safety-pockets deep inside.

These are soft toys with heart!

Available in a wide variety of designs, sizes and colors including....

Tuffy Mega Octopus

Tuffy Larry Lobster

Tuffy Ultimates Tug-O-War Double-Ring

... and many more. Check them out, there's going to be one (or more) that are perfect for your pooch.

Bionic Bone - Medium

The Bionics are a range of indestructable dog toys that I recently discovered, and they live up to their name!

Made from high grade, recyclable, FDA-approved 'bionic' rubber, these toys are chewy, bouncy, floaty and super-tough.

Available in a variety of sizes and shapes for throwing, stuffing with treats and of course chewing on :) Freezer and dishwasher safe. 

Goughnuts Original
Guaranteed Indestructible

This range of toys is another of my most recent 'finds'.. and they are amazing!

Designed by mechanical and polymer engineers, every GoughNuts toy is made up of two extremely durable layers of rubber.

The outer layer is either green or black, and the inner layer is red. IF your dog manages to chew through the outer layer and reach the 'red means stop!' layer, you can return the toy under the company's 'Lifetime Guarantee' and get a free replacement.

Recyclable, floaty, bouncy, and virtually indestructible, GoughNuts come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. The black 'Maxx' variety are for the largest and strongest power chewers.

Don't miss out on these.

Antler Dog Chew, X-Large

ANtlerz are a totally natural toy that ALL dogs love, and they're one of the toughest dog toys around.

Made from real, naturally-shed deer/elk antlers, these playthings will keep your puppy or dog happy and busy... and they're not smelly or messy (like some other natural chew-toys such as pig ears, bully sticks, hooves and so on).

They're also a great way to keep his teeth clean because their rough surface and irregular shape works like a toothbrush!

Available in a lot of different sizes and shapes (because no two deer are exactly the same!), there's one that will be the perfect fit for your pooch.

Antler Rope Toy
Antler Rope Toy

Rope toys and all-natural antlers are both really tough toys, and loved by dogs everywhere.

But when you combine the two, then you have an indestructible dog toy that will keep your pet entertained for quite some time!

Naturally shed North American Elk antlers are threaded onto sturdy cotton rope to provide hours of fun. Plus there's a double dose of teeth-cleaning power :)

Made in USA. Available in a range of sizes so there's bound to be one to suit your puppy or dog.

Magnus, Elephant Knottie

ALL dogs love soft toys, but there are very (VERY) few that can stand up to the abuse that our power chewers dish out.

The Huggle Hound X-Brace range are one of the exceptions!

(Previously 'Tweedy X-Brace' range)

Specifically designed for dogs who love to rip up their 'cuddlies', these soft floppy toys are much tougher than they look.

Patented Tuffut Technology means that this toy stands up to 100+ lbs of tugging and pulling, unique 'X-Brace' design keeps limbs firmly attached (because they're connected at the centre of the toy, not just sewn on.

Several strategically placed squeakers, and 100% machine-washable fabric makes them winners with pups and owners alike!

Available in a variety of designs and sizes to suit power chewers of any breed.

Premier Busy Buddy Tug-A-Jug

A great interactive toy, and one that can stand up to a lot of wear-and-tear.

The bottle itself is made from durable, non-toxic plastic with a textured-rubber 'wrap' around the neck, and a sturdy rope attached for even greater play value and teeth-cleaning properties.

Your pup can see and smell the treats you put inside the jug and his efforts to get them out will keep him busy for ages.

Although this toy is tough and well-built, it's not a CHEW toy and you want to keep an eye on your pooch when he play with it.

Available in a variety of sizes.

Firehose Squeak 'n Fetch

Made from the same type of extra-durable material as firehoses, these tug toys are perfect for your dog to play tug-of-war with... and of course chew on.

The center of the toy's body is made from heavy-duty rubber and is covered with multiple layers of the super-tough fabric.

The 'handles' are not as durable as the body of the toy though, and will fray or even rip off given some time, so do make sure to check this toy for damage on a regular basis.

Not as indestructable as the GoughNuts or Kongs but a good complement to them with a lot of play value. My German Shepherd has had this toy for several months and although the handle is pretty much gone, the rest of the toy is still intact and played with regularly.

puppy playing with red ball

There are a LOT of dog toys on the market, with new ones coming out almost every day, so this list will change and be updated regularly.

I'm always on the lookout for toys that stand up to power-chewers and am currently evaluating (testing on my 'guinea pigs' err.. dogs!) two more potentially indestructable toys.

If you've got a favorite toy that has taken everything your pup can dish out and is still coming back for more, scroll down to share the good news with the rest of my visitors.

We're always happy to find a new toy that will last more than a day or two....

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It's SO frustrating to spend money on a toy, only to have it in pieces within an hour.

The toys on this page have been mainly tested by my own dogs who are 'power' chewers themselves, but I'm always on the lookout for really tough
toys that I haven't come across myself.

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