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Dog Care Guide

Although dog care isn't rocket science,  it can be confusing and challenging at times.

Your dog is your baby, best friend, snuggle-bug, jogging partner, bodyguard and so much more...

... so knowing how to take care of him (or her) properly is really important. 

My site is designed to help you keep your best friend happy and healthy, and to make sure you get the most out of the precious and unique relationship that only a dog and their human can share.

Find the answers to all your puppy and dog care questions, all in one place.

Taking care of your dog is easier, and more fun, when you're fido-savvy :)

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Puppy Care

Puppies are irresistible, and those early months with your little furball are precious and magical.

But they pass surprisingly quickly.... and before you know it Fido will be all grown up.

Over the years (ahem, okay, decades) I've learned a few things about caring for puppies.

It's important stuff, and a lot of it most new owners have to learn the hard way - through experience and a lot of practice!

But I'm going to share it with you right here!

Potty Training

puppy potty training

Knowing how to potty train a pup with least amount fuss (crate training is the way to go!) - and the best way to clean up after the inevitable 'mistakes'.


Puppy Health

a healthy puppy

Knowing how to recognize the symptoms of a sick puppy, give the proper vaccinations, prevent parasites, puppy proof your home and so much more.


Puppy Supplies

puppy with ball

Puppies are like babies... they need a lot of stuff! Some of it's essential, some of it's just for fun. Includes crates, teething toys, gift baskets & lots more.


Puppy Food

puppy with food bowl

From Puppy Kibble 101, to learning how to make accurate comparisons, reading reviews, and choosing the very best food for your pup. It's all here.


Puppy Training

puppy training

I cover everything from basic dog obedience commands, to clicker training, the importance of socialization and the very best in dog training books and more.


Puppy Behavior

how a puppy behaves

Knowing how your pup grows & develops, learning what to expect during the early days, plus understanding what behavior is normal & handling problems.


Dog Care

If you take good care of Fido while he's small, chances are good that he'll grow up to be a happy, healthy, confident dog. 

BUT your responsibilities don't end just because he's finally become a grown up!

Feeding, grooming, training, regular veterinary care, they're all equally important now.

These articles will help you keep on top of it all....

Dog Health

dog health care

So much to include here - from illness & disease, and that all-important dental care, to poisoning, allergies, the low-down on dog health insurance and more.


Dog Food

dog food bowl

What you feed your dog is important. Everything you need to know about dog food, PLUS see the best dog food choices, learn how much to feed your dog and more.


Training & Behavior

border collie

Important stuff! From how to train an older dog (including dog training commands and housebreaking, to handling things like submissive urination and separation anxiety.


More Dog Care Articles:

There are just SO many things dog owners need/want to know about!

Some other pages you might want to check out include.... the true cost of dog  ownership, tips for adopting an adult dog,  learning how to understand your dog's body language, tips on choosing the dog right breed for your family/lifestyle... I could go on and on!

Then there's fun stuff like shared dog/owner activities such as agility classes, road trips, dog parties and dog-friendly vacations.

Plus the very best products on the market - including healthy dog treats,  dog id tags, tough dog toys, gift baskets, personalized dog giftsgrooming aids and much, much more.

How To Keep Up!

Keeping up to date with all the latest news, submissions, photos and articles on my site (and there are lots!) is easy when you check out my Dog Care Blog..... you can also find the most up-to-date changes in the 'Recent Articles' block.

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I'm so happy that you've found this website and hope you enjoy your visit.

Please take time to browse through the many pages & articles, and if you have any comments, questions or suggestions (even criticisms!) please let me know.

I wish you lots of luck, love and slobbery canine kisses!

I love to hear feedback from my site's visitors... so why not join in and have your say about what you just read!

Use the Facebook comments feature below to share your views, ask a question, or just say 'hi'.


~ Sue

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