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The Dog Care Guide You've Been Looking For

If it's dog care tips and information you need, good news.... you've hit the motherload!

Sometimes taking care of your dog or puppy can seem a bit of a challenge, especially if this is your first Fido-raising experience.

What should he eat? How will I keep him healthy? What toys are safe? Why is he doing that??  Wow, there may be a lot of questions you'll be asking yourself.

Luckily you can find the answers you need all in one place...right here on my website.

JRT dog on welcome mat

Being a dog owner is amazing, and it should be more fun than work.  

This website is packed full of practical, straightforward dog care (and puppy care) tips and advice that will make it easy to keep Fido happy and healthy.

That way you get to focus on enjoying the precious and unique relationship that only a dog and their person can share.

Taking care of your dog is easier, and more fun, when you're fido-savvy :)

Puppy Care

Puppies are irresistible, and those early months with your little furball are precious and magical.

But they pass surprisingly quickly.... and before you know it Fido will be all grown up.

French Bulldog puppy

Over the years (ahem, okay, decades) I've learned a few things about caring for puppies - sometimes the hard way - through experience and a lot of practice. 

But I can help you skip that part of the learning curve!

Puppy Housetraining

Little puppy eliminating on grass

Housebreaking doesn't have to be a problem. Get potty training right... from day one (more).

Puppy Health

Healthy mixed breed puppy

Knowledge is power. Learn how to keep your puppy healthy and happy (more).

Puppy Supplies

Puppy with favorite toy

Having the right puppy supplies makes life easier for everyone (more).

Puppy Food

Puppy with food bowl

What you feed your puppy is very important.
Get the scoop here (more)

Puppy Training

Puppy on leash

From manners and basic obedience to socialization and more (more).

Puppy Behavior

Boston Terrier puppy playing

What's normal puppy behavior, what's not - and how to  handle it (more)

Dog Care

Taking care of an adult dog isn't as labor-intensive as raising a puppy, but there are still a lot of hats you need to wear.

Yellow Labrador Retriever dog

Nutritionist, health worker, trainer, groomer... are all important roles for you to play.

These articles can help you keep on top of it all.

Dog Health

Bulldog with veterinarian

Taking care of your dog's health can make his life happier, and longer (more)

Dog Food

Dog with bowl of food

Diet is one of the keys to a lifetime of good health for your dog (more)

Training & Behavior

Dog barking

Training an adult dog is very do-able, and necessary  (more)

More Dog Care Stuff:

The above articles are a great jumping off point for many of the most popular puppy care and dog care topics but there's tons more stuff you need (or want) to know.

Perhaps one, or more, of these catches your eye....

Breed Info.

The information you need to choose the right breed for your family (more)

Dog Care Costs

Preparation is key. Find out how much it really costs to own a dog (more)

Body Language

Do you know what your dog is trying to tell you? You may be surprised (more)


One of the most important, but under-used, aspects of dog training (more)

Best Dog Care Products

Want to know which dog treats are best for your pooch, what toys can stand up to your power-chewer or which grooming aids are worth buying?

The answers to these and a whole lot more dog care product questions are right here on my site. 

I've done the research, reviewing, and in many cases testing, for you... all you need to do if pick what fits your dog and situation best.

Here are just a few dog and puppy products you may want to check out:

How To Stay Informed

Keeping up to date with all the latest news, submissions, photos and articles on my site (and there are lots!) is easy when you check out my Dog Care Blog..... you can also find the most up-to-date changes in the 'Recent Articles' block.

When you subscribe to my RSS feed (small yellow square, top right hand corner of 'Recent Articles' block) you'll get regular updates right to your PC or laptop!

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