Natural Remedies For Dogs

Why find out more about natural remedies for dogs? The answer to that is really pretty simple.....

Lots of things in our modern-day lives have a negative impact on our bodies, and it's the same for our dogs!

Pollution, toxins, additives/preservatives/chemicals in food, stress, over-medication and the general strains of living in a fast-paced society all play a part.

I'm a firm believer in that old saying, 'prevention is better than cure', and being proactive in caring for your pups' health with gentle, natural methods and products (such as herbal remedies for dogs and other holistic options) could well save both you and him a lot of trouble down the line.

Why use natural remedies for dogs?

natural remedies for dogs

If you have children, you probably make sure they eat good, healthy food, take their vitamins, get their vaccinations, exercise regularly and get plenty of sleep.

All these things apply equally to Fido or Fifi, and the good news is that it's often easier to get your furchild to do as you ask than it is your human child :)

Good nutrition is vital to your pups health and well being and making sure that you know how to recognize the best puppy food choices is important.

So are many other things including vaccinations and the prompt treatment of illness/disease. However, some experts believe that the number of vaccinations and medications that our pets receive can over-burden their systems and cause problems.

Of course, you can't stop vaccinating your pup or the risk of illness/death will become too great, neither can you refuse to treat your pup when he's sick!

But, natural remedies for dogs can be used along with (or sometimes instead of) conventional treatments for minor conditions, and natural supplements for dogs that promote and maintain good health, can go a long way towards canceling out the negatives effect of todays' lifestyle. Not to mention reducing those veterinary bills!

Here are just some of the benefits of using natural remedies for dogs:

  • Decrease your pups' chances of developing certain diseases/illnesses or health conditions

  • Help improve his overall health and vitality

  • Strengthen his immune system

  • Promote speedier healing after injury or illness

  • Extend his lifespan and improve the quality of each year

  • Help prevent/decrease the likelihood of him experiencing certain behavioral/emotional disorders or problems
...... and more

Check out my fascinating interview with

Dr Kim Bloomer, veterinary naturopath,
and her Neopolitan Mastiff Shadrach

to learn how natural remedies for dogs can help your pup live a longer, happier, and much healthier, life!

Which conditions are helped by using natural remedies for dogs?


    For general information on how to prevent and treat constipation in dogs and puppies, see my Puppy Constipation page.

    Maris for Canine Constipation is a gentle, herbal formula that will ease your dog's gastrointestinal system, stimulate digestion, ease the passage of stools, and purify his gastrointestinal tract.

    PetAlive Natural Moves is another of the natural remedies for dogs, which both supports and encourages healthy bowel and digestive health.

    Only Natural Pet Laxa-Herb Herbal Formula is another natural product that is both gentle and effective. It's a gentle, laxative herbal formula for overnight relief of occasional constipation in puppies and dogs.


    Many puppies and dogs suffer from dry, itchy skin or rough, dull coats. Sometimes, skin irritations are symptoms of dog allergies. Possibly an allergy to fleas, or dog food, or other common allergens.

    But at other times, poor skin/coat condition can be caused by dietary deficiencies or the irritation caused by grooming products, pollution or just overall poor health.

    Canine Stimmune for Dog Allergies is a gentle, herbal product that's not only effective in soothing all the skin symptoms related to canine allergies (itching, hot spots, rashes, irritation etc.), but also supports his immune system and helps to build up resistance not just to allergies, but to all types of irritants and pollution in the environment.

    Only Natural Pet Aller-Free 7 Herbal Formula can really help dogs or puppies who are suffering from seasonal allergies (similar to those in humans), can really help. It's a herbal formula that has been specifically designed to ease your dogs' seasonal allergy symptoms (the ones that are triggered by airborne substances like pollens, molds and grasses). It can make Fido a lot more comfortable during those allergy-prone months.

    For simple dry skin, or a out-of-condition coat, adding a essential fatty acid supplement can help. These natural remedies for dogs also have added benefits such as anti-inflammatory effects and can aid in regulating blood pressure and maintaining healthy circulatory system. Here are a couple of excellent ones to look at...

    Canine Royal Coat EFA Express

    PetAlive Skin and Coat Tonic

    Only Natural Pet Omega 3-6-9 ,

    Ark Naturals Royal Coat

    Ultra Oil for Pets Skin & Coat Supplement with Hempseed Oil for

    Puppies are very active little creatures, and grow into dogs who thrive on exercise and activity. This means their bones, joints and muscles need to be in tip-top condition. Large breed puppies in particular put a lot of strain on their joints due to their size and speed of growth.

    The type of natural remedies for dogs that help to prevent these problems and maintain flexibility and strength are an important part of preventative healthcare.

    Canine Joint Support Supplement - Small Breed (or for large breeds) is a quality, all natural supplement which contains Glucosamine Complex, MSM and Ester-C. This combination will help reduce stiffness/inflammation and pain in older dogs, or those with joint problems. It's also a great dietary supplement in a pro-active way for dogs who are very active (including working/sporting breeds) and large breeds, both puppies and adults.

    PetAlive Muscle & Joint Support isa 100% natural remedy/supplement which supports joint/muscle health, without side-effects. It's also appropriate to use it to bring relief to pet with Arthritis, Rheumatism and Joint Disease

    Canine Old Bones for Dog Arthritis can really help when older, arthritic dogs especially when used in conjunction with a canine joint supplement. It's a natural herbal ointment which helps to reduce inflammation, pain and swelling.


    Life is full of stress these days, and although your precious pooch may not have the 9 - 5 rat race and a 2 hour commute to deal with, there are often certain activities or situations that make him pretty 'stressed out', anxious or fearful.

    For some pups it's the car rides that get them all worked up, for others it's fireworks, thunderstorms etc. Even occasional changes such as moving house, or adding a new baby to the family can trigger anxiety in some pets. Medicating your dog with sedatives and similar products can be 'overkill', and often causes unwanted side effect.

    To safely calm your pup, reduce his anxiety and help him to deal with whatever is causing him stress, try one of these natural remedies for dogs...

    Canine Lesstress for Dog Anxiety This is a 'must have' product if you your dog suffers from anxiety in certain situations! It includes a host of gentle, all-natural ingredients including Chamomile, Passion Flower and Lemon Balm to gently relieve anxiety and hyperactivity, helping your pup feel calm - without any 'drugged up' side effects. Also great for dog separation anxiety, car travel, or anxious/homesick behavior in new puppies.

    PetCalm can work wonders. It's a blend of natural, herbal ingredients and not only is it free of side-effects, it's non-addictive too.

    Bach Flower Essences Rescue Remedy for Pets is another great option.

    A natural holistic option that you may also want to try is Dog Aromatherapy. It works the same way in dogs as it does in humans and is a very gentle and surprisingly effective treatment for anxiety as well as other problems including allergies and pain.


    If your pup seems a bit 'gassy' (or a LOT gassy), it may seem funny in theory - but in practice it's definitely not amusing! Some dogs (and certain breeds) seem to be more prone to flatulence than others, and in some cases this is due to intolerances/sensitivities to certain food ingredients, for others it may be due to the health/efficiency of his digestive system.

    PetAlive Flatulence Preventer is one of the popular natural remedies for dogs. This gentle, herbal remedy balances and supports an efficient digestive system and improve the way your dog absorbs nutrients from his food.

    Only Natural Pet Probiotic Blend for Dogs and Cats is another option. Its' gentle formula helps restore the balance of microbes in your pets' intestines. Provides a supply of "friendly" bacteria helps prevent over-reactive, inflammatory responses that can cause diarrhea


  • Keeping your pups' ear canals clean and free from debris and dirt is an important part of grooming and health care. Ear mites, infections and irritations can all occur when the ears become full of wax, dirt etc. A dog with allergies is more prone to discharge and ear infections. A weakened immune system can also exacerbate the problem.

    Ear Dr. is a blend of natural ingredients in a gentle olive oil base, it keeps your pups' ear canal clean and clear and soothes tender skin.


    Although feeding your pup/dog a premium, natural or organic dog food can go a long way towards helping your dog maintain a health digestive system, with constant exposure to pollution, toxins, chemicals and so on, most dogs need a little extra help.

    PetAlive Digestive Support is a 100% herbal tonic that supports and soothes your pups digestive system.

    Only Natural Pet GI Health Herbal Formula is a blend of herbs designed to improve overall health of the gastrointestinal system and is also a first class natural product.

    Only Natural Pet Vital Digest for Dogs can also be helpful for dogs with digestive issues. It helps your dog digest food completely, and prevents undigested food from passing through the intestines. Undigested food lingering in the intestines can cause inflammation, diarrhea and other allergic symptoms elsewhere in the body.


    Keeping your puppy or dog flea-free is a vital part of routine care. Fleas are best prevented (or treated if there is already an infestation) by using an effective flea preventative such as K9 Advantix.

    But there are also natural flea preventatives and treatments that are effective against these pesky parasites. Check out my Natural Flea Control page to find out more about these.

    To relieve the skin irritation and itching that caused by flea bites, try FleaDerm This soothing herbal cream will have your pooch feeling more comfortable right away.


    UTI infections and other bladder problems are surprisingly common, and can be very disruptive and distressing. UTI-Free is an effective, natural product that helps maintain UT and bladder health and support immune system function. Can be used for dogs or cats.


    Many conditions and health problems can be prevented by making sure your dogs' immune system is in peak condition. Every organ and tissue in his body will be stronger, healthier and more able to do it's job if his whole system is healthy. Try....

    PetAlive C-Caps to promote overall vitality and health, improve appetite and energy levels and eliminate toxins effectively. With healthier for tissues, cells and organs.

    Only Natural Pet Immune Strengthener for Dogs and Cats It's a holistic blend of natural vitamins, herbs, and other co-factors to provide immune system support.

There are many other health conditions and problems that can benefit greatly from being treated with natural remedies for dogs. Due to space limitations I can't cover every possibility in any detail, but these are just a few of them -

Heart and Circulation





Gums and Teeth


Weight Control

For more products that will treat any of the above conditions, to locate the perfect herbal treatment, or to find a supplement that will help prevent future problems, simply click on one of the banners below.

These are what I consider to be the very best online stores for natural remedies for dogs. They offer superior products, at the right price, and with fast delivery and good customer service.... is the trusted source for your dog's natural health care.

Only Natural Pet Store

Your pet deserves the best you can give him, natural remedies for dogs can provide that, so why not start right now?

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