Practical Dog Care... for 'pups' of all ages!

Your dog is your baby, your best friend, your snuggle-bug, jogging partner, bodyguard and so much more. 

And, whether he's 8 weeks old or 8 years old, Fido is totally dependent on you and there's nothing you wouldn't do to keep him happy and healthy.

Luckily dog care isn't rocket science, but getting it right is still important. That's where I can help.

Whether you need a crash course in crate training, an in-depth look at the confusing world of dog food, help with illness or behavior worries... or pretty much anything else canine-related, you'll find it here.

As a life-long dog lover/owner, I've been an unofficial canine trainer, nutritionist, social director, nurses-aide, groomer, midwife and pooper-scooper for decades.

So come on in... I can help you skip chunks of that learning-curve, and save both of you some headaches.

Taking care of your four-legged friend is more fun (and less stressful) when you're fido-savvy :)

Puppy Care

Puppies are irresistible!

Four short little legs, a round tummy, a black button nose, a tiny pink tongue and a tail that won't stop wagging - and those early months with your pup are precious and magical.

But they pass surprisingly quickly.... and before you know it your little Fido will be all grown up.

I've been a dog lover ever since I can remember and over the years (ahem, okay, decades) I've owned, raised, trained and loved dogs and puppies of all shapes and sizes.. and I've learned a few things about caring for puppies along the way.

These important skills include:

  • Knowing how to potty train a pup with least amount fuss... and the best way to clean up after the inevitable 'mistakes' that are always a part of the house training process.

  • The ability to recognize the early signs of trouble - whether it's disease, parasites or behavior problems.

  • Having a realistic idea of a pup's abilities and needs at each stage of his development.

  • Being able to teach a puppy how to behave appropriately and to respect his humans - while making sure he has fun learning his lessons.

And there's tons more too. As it turns out, dogs are pretty good teachers too :)

But whether your pup is......

Mischievous pitbull puppy


Shy Spaniel puppy


Sleepy Beaglepuppy


Friendly Boxer mix pup


Energetic Springer Spaniel pup


Playful Jack Russel pup


Goofy Labrador pup smiling


Cute Shih Tzu puppy

Just plain CUTE

He's going to be the love of your life!

Springer Spaniel Puppy
Boxer-mix Puppy Smiling

Whether your pup is..... mischievous, lazy, energetic, goofy, shy, friendly, playful or just plain cute, he's going to be the love and light of your life.

Dog Care

Dogs and their owner having fun in the snow

If you take good care of Fido while he's small, chances are good that he'll grow up to be a happy, healthy, confident dog. 

Not to mention your best friend, cheer-leader (and cheer-you-upper), confidante and snuggle-buddy.

BUT your responsibilities don't end just because he's finally become a grown up!

You'll still want to know which dog food is the best choice, which tough dog toys can stand up to adult-sized teeth, what illnesses Fido is at risk of developing, how to understand his body language and so on.

Then there's fun stuff like shared dog/owner activities, road tripsdog-friendly vacations and so much more.

How to keep up!

Keeping up to date with all the latest news, submissions, photos and articles on my site (and there are lots!) is easy when you check out my Dog Care Blog.

Cartoon girl puppy
Cartoon girl puppy

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