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Adorable Yorkie Puppy Photos

The Yorkie puppy photos on this page give you a glimpse of the personality, spunk and sweetness of the Yorkshire Terrier breed.

Yorkshire Terrier puppy

The Yorkshire Terrier is a little dog, with a huge personality (and heart!), and has been included on the American Kennel Club's 'Most Popular Breeds' List for many, many years.

As of 2012 this breed holds the #5 spot. One look at Mia here (photo on the left) and you'll understand why :)

Originally designed as a working breed, the Yorkie originated in the north-central county of Yorkshire (from where it gets it's name) in the UK.

These tiny, spunky dogs had a job to do in the mills and factories of this area which sprung up during the British Industrial Revolution of the early 1800's.

The breed was first recognized by the AKC in 1885... and has been a firm favorite ever since.

Let's take a look at the first set of Yorkie puppy photos....

Yorkshire Terrier puppy Benni
Ozzy the Yorkie pup keeping cool
Moshi the Yorkshire Terrier
Yorkie pup River aka Bright Eyes!
Spike enjoying the outdoor
Mina is warm and cozy!

Although it might not seem so when you're looking at the Yorkie puppy pics above, this breed has only one acceptable coat color-combination - rich golden tan on the face, legs and chest and a steel blue over the rest of the body.

BUT as puppies, Yorkshire Terriers are black and tan gradually changing to the adult color pattern as the mature.

Yorkies might look like little stuffed toys, but they're energetic, feisty and definitely have the heart of a lion. Although their main role these days is as companion and even lapdog, due to their terrier instincts and bright personalities, they're an active breed who enjoys moderate exercise.

Here are some more photos of Yorkie pups that show the versatility and exuberance of this adorable small breed....

Elvis is King of the Castle
Maybelle is in a pickle
Theodore was caught  red-handed!
'I didn't do it mom!'
Avery loves the snow
Lola is a snow bunn

But they can also be heart-meltingly sweet, don't object to dressing for the occasion, and are cuddle-bugs at heart....

Tiny Yorkie puppy Addiyso
Jack wants to play some more...
Zoey is growing into her ear
Tiny Yorkie puppy Dexter Jame
Pretty little Cupcake
Yorkie puppy Rhianna loves pink
Where's the party mom?
Sparky isn't sure about this jacket!
Baby Yorkie puppy's first outfit

I hope you've enjoyed looking at these adorable puppy pics as much as I've enjoyed putting together this page! All the photos of Yorkshire Terriers on this page have been submitted by visitors to my website and featured in at least one of my monthly Photo Contests.

I'd like to thank everyone who shares their puppy's cute-ness with me on a daily basis. They make me smile every day :)

If you'd like to learn more about the Yorkie, check out this page, it has more information, breed statistics - and of course, photos.

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