Create An Adorable Puppy Gift Basket

A puppy gift basket should be as cute, special and totally unique as the little furball who's going to enjoy it, right?

Create the perfect puppy gift basket

I agree! So, I put together this page to allow you to create a gift that's tailor-made for your puppy. 

Pick a basket or container, then choose items from a fantastic selection of hand-picked toys, treats, collars, books, grooming supplies and so much more.

Everything will be delivered quickly and securely (from world-class

All you have to do is fill the container with the goodies, add some decorations/wrapping (you can choose that here too) and, hey-presto, your puppy gift basket is complete.

Ready to get started? Okay then, let's go.....

Container Ideas For Puppy Gift Baskets

Baskets are great and there are some lovely ones at reasonable prices, but why not be a little more creative?

There are SO many other containers that you could use to hold all your puppy goodies. 

Check out these options....

Puppy Gift Basket Goodies

Okay, so now you've got your container all picked out. Next step is to fill it :)

Puppies need a lot of 'stuff' and there's absolutely tons of great products to choose from.

In fact, pet stores are so full of items that sometimes it's almost impossible to make a decision!

I've owned, raised and trained puppies for decades, and over the years they've taught me what they enjoy, what works.... and what's good for them.

Here's a selection of hand-picked items that ANY puppy will love, simply pick out the ones that catch your eye and start filling that basket.

Just click on any image or link to learn more, see similar items, or browse a full range of puppy supplies....

Best Toys For Puppies

Puppies LOVE to chew, they're also endlessly inquisitive, and very bouncy.

The best toy choices for these little ones include toys that have different textures, toys which are firm yet pliable (for teething), toys which roll, bounce or make sounds and soft toys for cuddling and mouthing on.

All of the puppy gift basket toys featured here have been tried-and-tested by puppies in my home.....

Yummy Puppy Treats

There are lots of different types of dog treats on the market, but not all of them are suitable for puppies (plus not all of them are good for a dog of any age!).

Here's a few goodies that aren't just tasty, they're healthy and the perfect size or formula for puppies....

Other Puppy Gift Basket Goodies

Toys and treats are probably the first things that come to mind when you're choosing gifts for a puppy... but there are tons of other goodies that make the perfect addition to any puppy gift basket.

Here are just a few ideas to get you started.... 

Gift Wrap & Finishing Touches

If you want to wrap individual gifts before putting them in the basket, wrap the whole container, or simply attach some ribbon and a bow, check out this huge selection of wrapping items....

Ready-Made Puppy Gift Baskets

If you're a little short of time, or you simply don't feel creative today, here are a few ready-made gift baskets for puppies that will make any little furball happy....

Adult dogs love gift baskets too! Fill a basket full of goodies for your 'grown-up pooch' RIGHT HERE.

Looking for the perfect gift for the dog-lover in your life? Check out these great dog lover gift basket ideas.

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