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Your Guide To Petsafe Dog Training Collars

Electronic dog training collars can be very useful in certain circumstances.

Many 'dog problem behaviors' are actually pretty normal canine traits and can be handled without the use of dog training collars.

But when they're taken to excess, and if they don't respond to other training methods or corrections, they can cause a lot of friction and stress - for both of you.

That's when a dog training collar can step in and save the day!

If pooch is continually serenading the neighbors, emptying your trash cans, jumping all over everyone, or digging to China in your back yard these can all be controlled quickly with one of these products.

Using Electronic Dog Collars For Obedience Training

First of all I'd better mention that Petsafe dog training collars are NOT magic wands. Your dog won't suddenly and miraculously obey your every command just because he's got a new 'accessory'.

In fact, it's important that you have already taught him the meaning of the commands that you want him to obey.

There's absolutely no point in putting a dog training collar on your pup and telling him to 'sit' if he's never heard the word before....

No matter how many times you correct him with the collar he still won't understand what it is he's supposed to do!

However, once you've introduced the commands, and your dog understands what's expected of him, Petsafe dog training collars will help reinforce what he's already learned, and speed up the process.

But as I said, they don't have any special magical powers, if you find it impossible to train your dog without a dog training collar, you won't be very likely to be successful even with the most expensive, or deluxe model.

When starting out with electronic dog collar training, always use the lowest level of stimulation (shock/electrical impulse or tone) that your dog is AWARE OF.

If it's too low, it will be totally ineffective. If it's too high, it will cause your dog to panic and actually cause more problems than it solves. Start with the lowest level possible and work your way up until you can see that your dog is aware of the 'buzz' but not scared or in pain.

Even once used to the electronic dog collar, if you're training in an unfamiliar location you may need to raise the level of stimulus a bit due to the additional distractions/noise level etc.

It's also important to remember that positive reinforcement plays a huge role in training a pup or dog. So, in addition to using petsafe dog training collars as a 'correction' for unwanted behavior, remember to use lots of praise, treats etc. to reward and encourage the desired behavior.

Here's a selection of some of the most popular Petsafe Dog Training Collars available....

PetSafe Deluxe Big Dog Trainer, PDBDT-305

Deluxe big-dog trainer, for dogs over 40lbs.

deal for basic obedience training or problem solving.

Impulse and/or tone correction

Fully adjustable range of stimulation

100 yard range

Totally waterproof collar

Lifetime Warranty

*The comprehensive training manual written by professional dog trainers (included), make this unit simple and straightforward to use.

PetSafe Deluxe Little-Dog Remote Trainer for Pets Under 40 Pounds, PDLDT-305

The little-dog deluxe trainer, for dogs under 40lbs.

If your little dog is a little terror, this is just what you need.

Teach basic obedience or stop that annoying jumping, digging etc.

Tone plus impulse, or tone only correction

10 adjustable levels of stimulation

110 yard range

Totally waterproof collar

Limited Lifetime Warranty

*Comes complete with a comprehensive training manual written by the professional dog trainers, so even first-time dog owners can use this successfully.

PetSafe Yard-and-Park Remote Trainer, PDT00-10603

A remote trainer that gives you long-range control over your dog, whether in the yard, park, beach etc.

Suitable for dogs over 8lbs and at least 6 months old.

Electrical stimulation and tone corrections

8 adjustable levels of stimulation

Adjustable collar fits all size of dogs (from 6" - 28" neck)

Waterproof transmitter & receiver

Uses rechargeable batteries (charger included)

Limited Lifetime Warranty

*The transmitter can adjust for use with up to 3 dogs (extra collars need to be purchased separately). Comprehensive training manual included. 

Petsafe Dog Training Collars For Bark Control

If your dog drives you crazy with unnecessary barking, or the neighbors are starting to mutiny over his late-night bark-fests, try a Petsafe no bark collar and you'll finally know the meaning of the phrase 'silence is golden'!

PetSafe No-Bark Collar, PBC-102

This light-weight, no bark collar senses the vibration in your dogs throat when he/she barks, and uses a mild static shock plus warning 'beep' to control unwanted/excessive barking.

6 adjustable levels of correction

Adjustable nylon collar fits most dogs (6" - 28" neck)

Uses 6v alkaline battery

Water-resistant collar

10 year warranty

*Also includes a training video to help you get the best possible results.

PetSafe Deluxe Big Dog Citrus Spray Bark Collar

This Deluxe No-Bark Collar is a safe, easy way to eliminate your big dogs' excessive/uncontrolled barking.

Uses a lemon-scented spray rather than a 'shock' or 'zap'. This can only be triggered by YOUR dog's bark.

Quick-fit collar with buckle to fit necks up to 28"

All natural citrus spray (40 - 50 sprays per can)

Spray refills available

Uses 6v alkaline battery (included)

Lifetime warranty

*Operating guide and owner's manual included.

PetSafe Little Dog Spray Bark, PBC00-11283

The ideal bark-control collar for your little dog.

The spray action is safe and effective at stopping nuisance barking.

Can only be triggered by YOUR dog's bark.

All-natural lemon scented spray (30 - 40 sprays per can)

Spray refills available

Lightweight waterproof collar and receiver

'Low spray' indicator

*Operating guide and owner's manual included.

So, if you're having obedience or behavior problems that you've not been able to solve with other methods, give electronic dog training collars a try. You may be very pleasantly surprised at the results!

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