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Nylabone Puppy Teething Toys

Nylabone teething toys are safe, fun, sturdy and even tasty!

Nylabone has been creating hugely popular, award-winning toys for dogs for over half a century.... and today they have one of the widest selection of quality chew toys on the market.

They're constantly adding new and innovative products for your pet to enjoy, and unless you've never ventured into the world of dog toys before, Durachew, Puppychew, Flexichew, Rhinochew and NutriDent are all names you will probably recognize.

If you don't know them, just take one look at the actual toys and you soon will :)

There's nothing more important than keeping your new puppy safe and healthy, and keeping him happy comes a very close second! When your little guy is teething, those hot, sore little gums can make him cranky and uncomfortable.

Teething toys give you a way to help soothe his gums, keep him occupied, and discourage the kind of unwanted chewing (ie sharpening his teeth on your furniture, shoes, woodwork etc.) that a teething puppy is so eager to take part in!

AND, you don't have to worry about his safety with Nylabone chew toys, because they're made from top quality materials, carefully constructed to stand up to whatever your pup can dish out, and don't have any loose parts, sharp edges, weak seams or questionable features.

Plus there's a consumer satisfaction guarantee on every single package.

You don't have to have a pup who's under 6 months old to enjoy many of them either. The rubber, nylon and thermoplastic polymer toys are all great choices for adolescent pups or older dogs too.

I've bought many (many) of these Nylabone teething toys for my puppies and dogs over the years - and even though we don't have a puppy in the house right now, the grown-up dogs love them just as much as puppies do! We just buy bigger sizes :)

This page features a selection of what I think are the very best choices for a puppy who's teething.

Scroll down to see all of the different options and click on any link or image to find out more....

Nylabone 'Puppy Chew' Toys

These satisfy your teething pup's urgent need to chew, and keep him busy and happy.

Available in a variety of different materials and with varied textures, they soothe sore gums and encourage him to chomp down on his own belongings instead of yours!

PRODUCT RECALL April 2015 - Nylabone Puppy Starter Kit

As of April 25, 2015 Nylabone has issued a recall on one of their Nylabone Puppy Starter Kits due to potential Salmonella contamination. Here's the info. you need:

1.69 oz size Nylabone Puppy Starter Kit (contains 3 different types of bones)

Lot # 21935, UPC 0-18214-81291-3

Best by 03/22/18

Nylabone's are all available in a number of different sizes and flavored toys have several taste-choices too....

Nylabone 'Rhino Chew' Puppy Toys

The Nylabone Rhino collection is designed especially for those 'power chewers'.

This includes Large, X-Large or Giant breed puppies, and breeds that are known for their desire to chew, such as Retrievers, Gun Dogs, Sheepdogs etc.

Made from high quality natural rubber, these super-tough toys are tear and puncture resistant.

Available in a variety of sizes, shapes and designs. Some have fabric or rope features, others hold treats for more fun and interactive play....

Nylabone 'Dura Chew' Puppy Toys

Another Nylabone range that's meant for pups who are heavy-duty chewers and apt to destroy your average toy!

Made out of tough, durable Nylon and available in a wide selection of designs, shapes and sizes.

Many of these teething toys have multiple textures with nubs and raised areas which puppies love, and lots have tasty flavor built right in as well.

Nylabone 'Romp 'N Chomp' Toys

These puppy teething toys live up to their name! They're sturdy, interactive treat dispenser toys which keep active puppies happy and busy.

Made from natural rubber, thermoplastic or nylon, each design has it's own innovative way of combining chewing fun with tasty treats of all shapes and sizes.

In a range of sizes and suitable for moderate to powerful chewers, these are a hit with puppies and dogs of all ages....

Nylabone 'Dura Toy' Selection

Duratoy teething toys combine different textures and materials with fun, interactive features - this makes them great entertainment for active puppies.

This range of attractive toys include designs made partly from soft fabrics (cotton or fleece) and partly from rubber or thermoplastic polymers. Sturdy cotton rope also features in many others.

There's something for every pup here...

These are just SOME of the great Nylabone toys that your teething puppy will love!

Each toy above comes in a number of different sizes. Treats are available to fit perfectly into the treat dispenser toys too.

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