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The Best Lab Puppy Pictures!

I just adore puppies! All sizes, colors, breeds.... I'm a sucker for big puppy-dog eyes and sweet puppy-breath.

When it comes down to the 'Awww..' factor, lab puppy pictures are top of the list.

I mean, just take a look at Sadie here.....

That photo will melt your heart in about half a second! If you love looking at labrador puppy pics you're going to really enjoy this page.

All the puppies featured on this page (and on my other Lab Puppy Pictures pages) have had their photos submitted to my website by their proud owners. One of my favorite things about owning this site is being lucky enough to look at little puppy faces every day :)

Labrador Retrievers are active, friendly and outgoing dogs who love to be with their people, no matter where that might be.

They make great hunting or fishing 'buddies', the perfect camping companion, or just a friend to take a walk with - no matter what the weather.

Take a look at little Drifter (photo below left), aptly named perhaps as he's seems to be on the beach. Or cute little Lola (photo below right) is enjoying what is probably one of her first snow days.

yellow lab puppy Drifte
black lab puppy Lol

If you thought those were adorable, here's some more lab puppy pictures giving those ones a 'run for their money'! A sleeping lab puppy is just as irresistible as one who is wide awake.. but a lot less tiring...

black lab puppy Jack
yellow lab puppy Kelsey
chocolate lab puppy harle

This breed is consistently top of the popularity lists when it comes to dogs. In the US, the AKC (American Kennel Club) ranked the Labrador Retriever at the Number One spot in 2011 (the most recent figure available), and has done so for the last 20 years.

In Britain, the corresponding club the KC (Kennel Club) also has the Lab at Number One, and they've held that position for the last 15 years there too.

Given how many dog breeds there are today - the AKC currently recognizes 175 different breeds and of course there are others which are not part of the AKC, but are registered by other organizations - this is quite an achievement!

Labs are working dogs (they were originally bred to help fisherman in Canada) and make wonderful gun and hunting dogs. But they also have their goofy, fun-loving side. Here are a few lab puppy pictures that prove it....

Buddy the chocolate labrador retriever
Yellow lab puppy Cotton in the poo
Black lab pup Angel helping ou

Mischief could be most puppy's middle name! They're so curious, full of energy and have no idea how to behave in a 'civilized' way. Take a look at these little guys and you'll see what I mean...

Yellow lab puppy Alfie
HappyMonty the lab puppy
Little Youreck the lab puppy playin

chocolate lab puppy Roxy on St. Patrick's Day
Lainee the lab pup is mudd
SantaLuca the black lab puppy

All the photos above are of black, yellow or chocolate labs. These are the 3 colors accepted by the AKC, and most often seen.

A 'Yellow' lab can be anywhere from pale cream (even white), to deep fox red. Other colors such as 'silver' or 'blue' are rare and a genetic flaw, but beautiful nonetheless. Here are 3 photos of Lab puppies that are unusual in their coloring.

The first pup is Maya, a gorgeous fox-red. Shila is in the middle, she's a gorgeous pure white. The third one is Cooper, a very rare silver lab...

Maya a fox-red lab puppy
Shila a white lab pupp

I hope you've enjoyed looking at all of these adorable photographs and will leave it to Bella Bleu to say 'goodbye'. Thanks for visiting... oh, and if you want to see a ton more lab pics just visit these pages....

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