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Golden Retriever Puppy Photos

Golden Retriever puppy photos are irresistible.... these puppies are like living, breathing teddy bears! 

Golden Retriever puppy

In fact, when it comes to being cuddly, Goldens take the cake (or perhaps that should be the dog biscuit).

These big, soft, fluffy puppies are gentle and loving, but always ready to play, and their intelligence makes them easy to train as well.

In fact this breed is one of the most popular and well-loved breeds around, the perfect package... good looks, brains and a huge heart!

Take a few minutes to check out the gorgeous Golden Retriever puppy photos on this page (such as Chrissy on the left here) and you'll see why this breed has such a big fan base....

Golden puppy Chloe
Zoe the Golden Retriever pupp
Golden Retriever puppy Riley

Retrievers are working dogs, originally bred to hunt and retrieve game in the Scottish highlands.

Today they're still great hunters and love to be outdoors and active, but their most popular role is that of beloved family companion and they are consistently featured in the AKC's 'Top 10 Most Popular Dog Breeds' list. As of 2011 they hold the #3 spot.

Here are some pictures of Golden puppies enjoying the great outdoors....


These sweet puppy faces pretty much sum up the ideal Golden temperament - sunny, relaxed and steady.

Although they will be happy to bark at a stranger approaching your house, they'll most likely then greet him with lots of sloppy kisses! This is not a guardian breed, but they are confident and friendly, not usually nervous or shy.

The gorgeous silky, golden coat is the trademark of this Retriever and it comes in a variety of shades - anywhere from the palest cream, to a deep burnished red. Take a look at the next set of Golden Retriever puppy photos and you'll see what I mean....

Berkeley - pale cream
Lacy - light golden
Mazie - deep golden color

A versatile, fun-loving breed who excels at outdoor sports, obedience, therapy work and in many other areas, the Golden also has a sense of humor and is a great companion just about anytime, anywhere.

They make especially good family dogs and get along well with children of all ages, and with other dogs and pets. Click here to learn all about this wonderful breed.

To round off this page of puppy pictures here are some pictures that show the fun side of this breed, and why they are so close to so many dog lovers hearts....


Let's finish up with a photo of a very young Golden Retriever puppy.

You'll probably never see YOUR pup when he/she is this small, but oh my she's so adorable I just have to share!

Newborn Golden Retriever puppy

I hope you've enjoyed looking at these cuties. Thanks for visiting.

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