The Best Dog Rope Toys

Dog rope toys are one of the most 'pupular' types of toys on the market. They 're safe, strong, long-lasting,  and come in a huge variety of styles, sizes, colors and shapes.

It's no wonder they're so popular!

Plus rope toys for dogs have a 'hidden' benefit too.... the abrasive action of the braided rope, helps to keep your pups teeth clean and his gums healthy.

Most well-made rope bones are very tough, and their durability makes them a favorite choice for the owners of big dogs and 'power chewers' of all sizes.

Some of these rope toys are simply that - rope. Either knotted at the ends, shaped into balls or sticks, or with natural bones, balls, or rubber shapes threaded onto them.

Others use other materials as well as the rope, such as canvas, nylon, sheepskin or plush fabric, and the huge range of different styles means that most dogs own more than one of these great toys.

Why not make your pup's day by checking out the great rope toys below - there's definitely something for every pooch. Have fun!

Classic Rope Toys For Dogs

Let's start out with the classic dog rope toys. Some of these have a twist on the 'basic' design, but they all make great chew or tug toys.

As with ALL toys, it's important to buy the right size (most important thing is not to get one that's too small) and to check regularly for damage and wear-and-tear.

The thicker the individual strands of rope and the more tightly they're woven together, the more durable the finished product.

Versatile Dog Rope Toys

Now let's take a look at rope toys with a difference. These all use rope as part of their design, but some add other fabrics, materials, shapes and functions to the mix.

Rope Toys For Puppies

You can give puppies just about any dog rope toy to play with and they'll be happy, especially if they're a large or giant breed pup.

But for smaller puppies, or those who're at that teething stage, sometimes a toy that's been specifically designed for them can really 'hit the spot'.

Here are a few of my favorites...

If your puppy is teething (anywhere between 8 weeks and 6 months), you'll love the info. on this page... Choosing The Best Puppy Teething Toys.

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