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dog food review - biljac

by Patrick McCoy
(n. Canton, Ohio)

I've read soooo much about dog food since we got our Lab 2yrs ago that it makes me woozey! And I made my choice based on what actually is in the food, where it comes from, how it is prepared and if the dog likes it.

Bil jac doesn't use any chinese food, enough said already, but let's go on. Bil Jac uses a lot of chicken, if you think beef is the way to go , then feed Blue Buffalo or something like that, which I have done . You really need to talk in person to a Bil Jac representative to get the straight story on the preparation of their food , it will be very informative and interesting. Many sites that tell you Bil Jac is bad is complete bunk!

Are there better brands? Of course there are, But I'm not comparing apples and oranges either. I'm not bias in any way towards Bil Jac , If someone can prove to me that there is a better brand at the same price , I'll buy it! I love my dog and I want the best for her , but I'm also not a millionaire either. I do have to consider price. Bil Jac certainly isn't the cheapest brand out there, Blue Buffalo is about the same. But think about it , is Bil Jac a little high priced because it's junk? If you want cheap and junk , talk to my uncle ol' roy about that. I fed Blue Buffalo for a time and our dog didn't like the hard little pieces in it and that's where the protein was.

I also gave the taste test. I put down 3 different foods, let her go and she went right over to the Bil Jac , ate it and walked away without hesitation ,not even a second sniff of the others and one was Blue Buffalo and the other was Purina dog chow. The people on line who tell you Bil Jac is bad are not scientists, their findings are not based on any university studies, in many cases they probably aren't even dog owners. They just say look at the contents! Oh PLEASE!!!Do you eat steak every day? Now I'm talking a regular dog here not show dogs hunting dogs or anything that may need a different diet for the work it does, just a pet that you want to keep healthy and happy. So that's what I found out in 2yrs. I'm not saying I'm right. You know in the end a dog is a dog, they'll eat almost anything...unfortunately. I just hope my dog stays healthy and yours too . Hope this helps someone or some dog. Thank god for Mans BEST friend!

Thanks for reading my ramblings.Popgunpat

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