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The Best Dog Birthday Products

Your pets are your 'furry kids', so when their birthday rolls around you want to celebrate and throw them a party too!

Whether it's your puppy's first birthday, or your older dogs' umpteenth, you'll find all the dog birthday products you need for your 'party animal' right here.

If you just want to bake Fido a tasty cake and share it with the family, I've found tasty cake mixes just for dogs - and it only takes a few minutes to whip up a dog birthday cake to remember.

I've also go doggie cookie cutters and recipe books packed with cookies, cakes and other goodies too.

Or if you're going all out and want to throw a big party with balloon, streamers, yummy goodies and even party favors.... you'll find what you need here.

So, let's get started, that dog birthday party is just around the corner......

Toys For The Birthday Boy Or Girl

Of course your pup has lots of great toys already, but if you want a special gift that's birthday themed, check out these fun items....

Dog Party Dress Up!

The birthday boy or girl needs to look extra-special on their big day!

Maybe a sparkling collar or stylish tuxedo collar, a cute T-shirt, bandanna or hair accessory? These cute dog birthday products will make sure your pet looks great - without breaking the bank......

Dog Party Decorations & Accessories

Now we've got the gift and outfits sorted, let's work on the decor :)

You'll find balloons, banners, and streamers plus tableware, candles and more right here......

Dog Birthday Cakes, Cookies & More

And now for the very best of the dog birthday products (at least your dog might think so!) - the birthday cake.

You can't just whip up a chocolate spongecake and give it to Fifi (click here to learn what foods are poisonous to dogs, and here to find out why chocolate is so dangerous for your pet), but I've found some wonderful cake mixes that have been specifically designed for our canine companions.

There are also doggie-themed cake pans, cookie cutters, recipe books, edible birthday cards and more.

If you want a home-made recipe for your pup's birthday cake, check out this page too.... Best Dog Birthday Cakes!

Now you've got the dog party products ALL sorted out. You've got the gift/s, decorations, outifit AND yummy goodies taken care of. You really are ready. Have tons of fun :)

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