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Sweet Chocolate Lab Puppy Pictures

Who can resist chocolate? Or Chocolate Lab Puppy Pictures for that matter!

chocolate lab puppy Dante

Honestly, if this photo doesn't melt your heart, then you might want to check to make sure that you're still breathing!

ALL puppies are adorable of course, but there's something about a Labrador Retriever puppy that's just irresisitible.

And, when they come in that gorgeous chocolate color then all bets are off.

This is an old breed, going back to the early 1800's when it was founded in the Canadian Province of Newfoundland - but the beautiful rich brown colored coat (aka 'chocolate') is a fairly new variation and wasn't seen until early in the 20th century.

Take a look at these adorable chocolate lab puppy photos....

chocolate lab puppy echo
chocolate lab puppy jackson
chocolate lab puppy Charle

They almost make your mouth water don't they?

But Labrador's are way more than just good looking. This breed has been consistently at the top of the AKC's list of most popular breeds here in the US (for the last 20 years in fact).

And it's not just on 'this side of the pond' that they're so well-loved either. In the UK, they are still the #1 breed and have been for 15 straight years. They have be something special!

Although their coat color is gorgeous, chocolate labs also have another stunning feature.. their eyes. Most puppies and dogs of this variety have deep brown or striking hazel eyes. Their nose, paw pads and eye-rims should be a shade of chocolate/brown too.

Take a look at these, as they say 'the eyes have it'!

chocolate labrador retriever pup Oakle
chocolate lab pup Ollie
lab puppy Gunner

All Labradors, regardless of their coat color, usually make wonderful family pets and their happy, goofy, outgoing and fun-loving personalities mean that there's never a dull moment with a 'Labby' pup in your home.

Of course, every puppy (or dog) is unique, and temperament and personality are passed down through their genes. Although in general this breed is calm, loving and friendly, there can be individual pups, or even bloodlines, who are more highly-strung or anxious than the 'norm'.

Also, the Labrador Retriever was originally bred as a working dog and they're still a very popular choice for hunting and outdoor sports.

Pups bred from 'Field Lines' (who are bred as working dogs rather than show dogs or just as pets) are more likely to have a lot of 'drive' (read energy and enthusiasm) which can turn to over-anxiety, hyperactivity and even destructive behavior if they don't get enough training and exercise. This is true for any working breed.

Labs specifically bred for field trials here in the US tend to be lighter boned and more slender rather than have the traditional 'blocky' look. Their heads and muzzles are also narrower.

'Show lines' generally are heavier, bigger boned, with the square blocky head, and thick 'otter' tail. This is the 'English Labrador' look and I love it. But size, head-shape, eye color and coat color are all simply personal preference, and no matter which variety of Lab you choose, you're going to love him/her.

I'll let Chocolate Lab, Achilles, round up the photos on this page.. he's doing his best to demonstrate the breed's incorrigible sense of humor.

chocolate labrador Achille

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