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The ChuckIt! Ball - A great toy for power-chewers

by Pamela
(Calgary, Alberta Canada)

My year old lab/rotti x has destroyed nearly everything I have tried so far, with the exception of the orange ball from ChuckIt! And in both the medium and large sizes.

She's had them both for months and the only things that have been able to stand up to her power jaws.

And by that I mean she destroyed a black Kong. I'm definitely going to check out some of these other toys, though. Thanks for this!

Hi Pamela,
You're welcome and thanks so much for joining in, this is a great tip because just about every dog in the world loves playing with a ball... but there aren't many that can take the abuse our power-chewers can dish out!

For anyone who wants to try out the ChuckIt! orange ball, here's a link.... Chuckit! Ultra Ball Medium 2.5-inch, 2 pack

When picking a ball for your puppy or dog, always get the largest size he can handle, and be certain it can't fit comfortably in his mouth or be swallowed!

Thanks again Pamela, you've probably made a few dogs (and their owner's) happy :)

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by: Mary

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Almost like a Tennis Ball
by: Lab/Rottie

My Lab/Rottie mix is a power chewer, and loves balls. I was so hopeful the Chuck-it ball would hold up because of the larger size. I think it lasted 10 minutes vs. the 3-5 for an average tennis ball.

Unfortunately, it was not a solution for my pup.

Chuck it lasts at our house
by: Cyrki

We have a British lab, and he can destroy most toys before we get them home. Chuck it toys (the large soccer ball and the tumble bumper) are one of the few brands that have lasted for several months. The soccer ball has a grooved surface that dogs can grab and then shake the ball. My son punts the ball across the yard for a great game of kick and keep-away (kick by my son, keep-away by the dog).

by: Anonymous

We have 2 Cairn Terriers they have a couple of the Chuckit balls they play and try to chew them every day we have had the balls for about a year still going strong!!!

The ones with the strap are even better
by: Anonymous

Try the ball with the fabric strap. Easier for you and the dogs to pick up and much easier to find in a.field of snow!

ChuckIt balls have saved us a fortune!
by: Anonymous

Our German Shepherd is a one-dog terminator when it comes to balls. A tennis ball will not last one fetch and rubber balls barely one outing. Then we discovered the ChuckIt balls. The only one we have had to replace was one she lost down a rabbit hole, the others are still going strong. They are not the cheapest ball to buy but have definitely saved us money in the long run.

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