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Nothing can withstand my pitbulls chew

by alexis
(san antonio tx)

I have three pit bulls a mom and her two wild boys I can safely say I have spent over a $100 on dog toys that have a life span of maybe at most TWO days.

I have literally tried everything out there from every single kong you can imagine. The fire hose toy. tuff toys. the knot toys. the tire toys. nylon bones. regular mammoth bones Every "indestructible" toy they sell in stores. I still haven't found one to this day.

I need one pronto. any suggestions besides these. tried and all have failed. Is there even a natural bone I can give them? cause at this point with the amount of money im spending i'd rather get them a new couch to chew up.

Oh my Alexis, that's a real challenge. We own Rottweilers and Pitbulls and most of these toys last for weeks or months, some (like the Nylabones and black Kongs last much longer). I'm sorry you're having such a rough time.

As for natural bones. Yes, you can buy the big sterilized bones sold in petstores. They'll have to be the biggest ones you can find and choose the round, knuckle/joint bones rather than the long ones. I don't like the ones with meat, coloring, flavoring, they make a mess and the dogs seem more inclined to want to eat them than play with them.

Also, natural antlers are good, but again you'd need BIG ones and those are very expensive.

You tried the Varsity Ball right? Those are way too hard to be chewed up, but not all dogs enjoy them. One of our Rotties found that to be his favorite toy, but some of the others ignored it. Might be worth a try.

The toys on this page are the ones we've tested/tried and feel are tough enough to recommend. I don't have any other new suggestions at this point but it's about time to go out and try to find some different ones to add to the group.

Maybe other visitors will have suggestions for you. I wish you lots of luck and hope you don't have to resort to the sofa!

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Pitties 4ever
by: Jrzkid

Hi Alexis
I have had pits for 30 yrs. Their teeth are trash compactors. I stopped buying them "toys" 29 1/2 yrs ago. Mine are only 80 lbs a piece and can saw through the 90 ft cedars on our property.
But God, do I love them!
Aside from diamonds and kryptonite, so far, deer antlers are the only material they cant destroy easily. I buy them on Amazon because the stores are ridiculously expensive.
Hope this helps. I'm always open to suggestions myself.

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