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Kong wubba rabbit And Tuffy snake

by J Chadbourne

My 18 week lab started trashing all her puppy toys, so thought I would look for something a bit more robust.

I bought the Kong wubba rabbit, in less than 12 hours I had to re stitch its head after she ripped the ear off, but 24 hours later it's face had been chewed off and at £13 this was very poor value for money.

The Tuffy snake did manage about a month but given this was also nearly £13 I am still a bit disappointed.

'Soft toys' for power chewers are extremely difficult to find, but the Tuffy range are one of the most robust ones. However, a dedicated chewer can destroy any fabric toy given a little time... although I'd have to admit they last longer than 24 hours in our home. I'd consider a month a success!

As your Lab clearly has extremely powerful jaws and a strong desire to chew, you may need to stick with the heavy-duty rubber Kong toys, the Big Nylabone toys and perhaps the West Paw range.

Thanks for sharing your experience and good luck!
~ Sue

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