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kong toys

by Rhonda
(Richmond, IN USA)

I think I have tried every kong toy made and none of them hold up to my boston terrier....he has literally destroyed them and in some cases eaten pieces of them.

He is very destructive and I haven't found one toy that he can't destroy. He has even chewed/eaten the wood trim base board in my home and table legs. I finally found something he can chew on and won't hurt him...rawhide chews...but only the quality ones made in the USA. Made out of sheets of rawhide, not bits and pieces pressed together.

They are more expensive but worth it...cheaper than replacing baseboards and furniture!

Rhonda, wow... destroys all Kong toys? Impressive! Some rawhide chews and toys can be good, as long as you supervise carefully. I've found the pressed rawhide bones (this may be what you're talking about) are pretty durable.

I'd also recommend trying natural bones and antlers, they can take a LOT of abuse.

Thanks for visiting my site, and for sharing this :)

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