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Kong toys aren't as great as they claim!!

by Lisa

I have two English Mastiffs. One older pup the other younger. They are not chewers but they love squeakers! Not one single Kong squeaker toy has lasted more than a month and lately I've purchased several and the squeaker has stopped squeaking within 30min at most!

I've gotten the xlrg Jumble Balls and the jumble footballs amoung others (all intended for big dogs). They do not abuse these toys but simply squeak them as they are intended for. I'm very disappointed with Kong!

Since there seems to be no other squeaky toy option I will buy from pet smart and return them for a new one everyday or week if I have too. I think Kong should have stuck with the rubber treat Kongs. Unless you have a smaller dog they're crap much less if you have a "chewer"!!!

In my experience Kong is NOT what it's represented to be, and Doesn't measure up to the standards they claim.

Hi Lisa, I'm sorry that you've had such a disappointing experience with the Kong toys. I agree that the original, rubber Kongs' (especially the black ones) are the most durable of the range and we buy them for all our dogs and have been extremely happy with them.

The other Kong toys are not as durable as the original rubber toys and given Kongs' reputation you would expect them to be superior.

If the squeakers aren't standing up to the play of your dogs you might want to consider writing to Kong and letting them know. As a company they need to be informed of this sort of disappointment.

I wish you luck in your continued search for truly tough dog toys and thanks for sharing your experiences.
~ Sue

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