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Kong Squeezz Stick

by Faye Rovira
(Fairplay, CO)

KONG Squeezz Stick Dog Toy - get a closer look here!

This toy has lasted over a month with our "squeak killer".

She is a mix of Pit, Rot, Cane, Boxer, and several other powerful jawed breeds. Anytime she gets a squeak toy, it is her mission to search and destroy. I have seen her pull a squeaker out of a plush toy right at the exact spot it's located without so much as a tear anywhere else on the toy.

She does not like hard rubber toys at all, there is no fun in those. She prefers toys that keep her busy.

This toy is the answer. It is made of a soft durable rubber that makes for an impression of destructibility while holding up under attack. My dog likes to pick at vulnerable spots until she gets an opening to pull out the squeaker.

This toys has bumps along the whole length and a hole at each end. Right now she she is literally standing on it as she is pulling on it to try to tear it.

I recommend this to any squeak destroyers out there.

Thanks Faye. Good to know. Kong toys are almost always a great buy, and one that can't be 'de-squeaked' easily is a huge plus :).

For anyone wanting a closer look at this toy, you can learn more (and purchase it) here..... KONG Squeezz Stick Dog Toy

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