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Kong is not totally indestructible......

My year old black lab had chewed through every one of the extreme kong toys within 5 minutes.

Very disappointed.

We currently have a giant nylabones for her, which she has already started to chew the end off!

Oh wow! That's impressive... in an expensive way.

Of course no toy can be guaranteed to withstand every single dog, but in general there are a range of toys which can take a LOT of chewing/abuse. We own black Kong toys that have been played with for years (yes, literally) by Rottweilers, Bulldog, Pitbull and my Great Dane/Basset mix who has very powerful jaws! Same for the huge nylabone bones - they have teeth marks and a few ragged edges, but are largely intact after months of use.

I'm sorry your lab is able to destroy both Kongs and Nylabones, have you tried natural antlers or natural bones? They're a little harder on the teeth if a dog is really 'going at it' but very strong. If she likes balls, the Varsity Ball might be a good choice.

Labs are very mouthy, and have strong jaws. As a child we had a Lab who chewed right through the kitchen wall to get to the garage :/ She also always wanted to carry a huge rock... half a brick... whatever she could find when she went on a walk. As I said, strong jaws!

Thanks for sharing your experience, I hope you find something that she can't destroy soon. Best of luck.

~ Sue

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Kong NOT tough enuf
by: Anonymous

That super black Kong lost it's "nose" within 10 minutes.
Can't SOMEONE make a truly tough Kong???????

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