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Hit the butcher for a great chew toy for your dog

by Joey
(Wisconsin )

Go to a local butcher and ask for a femur bone from a cow or steer.

They last a very long time and your dog will love it.

This is a great tip. Natural bones, especially the really big ones, are pretty much indestructible.

Some tips for these bones though is to remove as much of the meat as you can, dogs who aren't used to raw food will get an upset tummy otherwise!

Also, they're not good as outside toys as dirt, flies and such can be a hazard, especially in hot weather.

Other than that, good reminder that not every toy comes from the petstore :)

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by: Trent

Beef femur is stronger than canine teeth
big dogs can eat pork knuckles but mine leave the femur

Femurs are a bad idea
by: Anonymous

Any weight bearing bones from large rudiments (cows, deer, etc) can break teeth. If you want to go with bones try rib bones or neck bones.

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