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Help! Need a DURABLE squeaky dog toy.

by Jim Sherlock
(Burleson, Texas USA)

I need help. I have an 18 month old Rottie puppy ( Samson) that I rescued at 12 months from death row. He's currently at 100 pounds.

Right now, the only toys he is super interested in, are squeaky toys. We tried the Kong Wubba, big bone squeaky, and stick squeaky. All were torn to shreds within a day. We have tried the different brands of firehose squeaky toys, destroyed fully within 3 days. We even tried a supposedly indestructible soft toy, from Tuffy or Tuff Dogs, I don't remember, it went back to Petco within a couple of hours.

Do you have any ideas for squeaky toys that can survive a player like this guy?

Thank you.

Hi Jim. As mom to Rottweilers myself I know how powerful those jaws can be, and how much they LOVE toys, especially soft toys... and in Samson's case squeaky toys!

Unfortunately it sounds as though you've tried all the toys with squeakers which are designed to stand up to power chewers :(

I finally had to admit to myself that any toy which was even remotely soft wasn't going to last too long with one or two of my Rottweiler boys. So, they only got to play with them as a special treat - and I was on standby to pick up the pieces pretty quickly.

I know that some pups are disinterested in nylon or rubber toys, or balls, but most puppies will be attracted to flavored toys. The really big nylabone toys, or a big natural bone or antler nearly always keeps my puppies' attention and are very difficult to destroy.

One of my Rottie boys loved a bowling ball to play with (yes, really!) but once he got a Jolly Ball that became his favorite. The rope part doesn't last too long but the ball itself is pretty durable and Rottie sized :)

I'm really sorry I can't offer up a squeaky toy that is super-tough, but if anyone reading this knows of one - please comment on this post.

I wish you lots of luck with your boy. Thanks for posting and again, sorry I can't help more! ~ Sue

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Squeaky toy NEW
by: Melissa

I have a 4 month old rottie. A friend of our has bought him I think it's called a long ball it's red has handles to tug with and squeaks. He's is the snapper one right now but I know they make them bigger. He still has his puppy teeth and has chewed through all his toys but not this one it's great.

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