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Heeler´s choice

by Veronika
(Trebic, Czech Republic)

I also struggle to find toys for my beloved ACD boy (one year old) which would survive him more than few minutes.

I plan to do sports with him so I try to train him with discs... The rubber ones don´t stand a chance and Flex discs I tried was condemned to die after few sessions. Lately we test Hero´s Superstar black high resistant discs and so far, they are on the top of my list of good toys, so if you want to add some toys for very active and sportive canines, I certainly recommend those.

I found out that my heeler is a very powerful chewer. But he also loves squeaker toys and balls to fetch (he is a ball freak, he retrieves balls, brings them back and spits them out at my feet because he just wants to chase them again, he has done that since he was a 3 months old pup). I am still trying to figure out which would hold (I tried Rosewood squeaky lemon but he destroyed him in precisely 3,5 minutes). So I will try one of those Kong squeakers next.

As for balls to sport, I have tried Chuck it! balls and I am super content. I´ve bought him Chuck it! ultra ball large (7,5 cm) and it is just perfect! Gordi loves to play with it and it still lives. This ball is resistant, has a high bounce and can float. Most Chuck it! balls are compatible with throwers so it is a plus for someone as well (I prefer hand throw, so I do not have a use for this, but if you prefer that throwing stick, this is the ball you can use).I will buy him Remmy Chuck it! recycled ball next, just because it is so damn cute :D.

He also loves tennis balls, he plays with them at home. Here, I bet on classic and quality. I´ve found out that in this area, I have much to thank for to the Wilson company, because their balls can stand up to hyperactive strong chewer for many long months.

Hi Veronika, thanks so very much for such a detailed post, very helpful :) If anyone is interested in checking out the 'Hero' discs Veronika mentions, here's a link for you... Hero Disc USA - Canine Dog Discs.
~ Sue

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