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Fat Cat Inc. Large Breed Dog Toys

We are the proud family of a 9 month old male Great Dane, and his toy box is now full of these.

His favorites are the snake that we can put empty water bottles in, and his Gruntley pigs. He also loves the floppy critters.

We have had them since he was 10 weeks old and he has yet to ruin even one of them. We cannot say the same, for the dozens of hard rubber toys we have bought him and had to throw away because he has destroyed them.

Best of all, we can wash them and dry them on our drying rack and they are good as new!

If he could speak, I know he would highly recommend them.

Oliver's People :)

Thanks for the recommendations! These sound like a blast. If anyone wants to check out some of Oliver's favorites, take a look at these:

Fat Cat Double Water Bottle Crunchers Dog Toy

Fat Cat Strapping Flip-Flop Yankers Pet Toy

Bamboo Pet DAM630058 Fat Cat Gruntleys Grunting Toy

There are lots of different characters, designs and sizes. Definitely worth investigating for your power chewer!

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