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Meet The Experts

You don't need to be any type of expert to own a puppy, and most of us learn as we go along... sometimes learning the hard way!

But it never hurts to have a little advice or help from people who DO know what they're doing. So, I thought I'd give you a chance to hear what professionals in the dog care arena have to say/share.

This is a section that will be growing over the next few months so feel free to 'bookmark' it and check in again to catch up with the latest additions.

With that said, I am enormously grateful to everyone who's contributed to this page for so generously sharing their opinions, wisdom and viewpoints with all of us.

Why not grab yourself a cup of coffee, make yourself comfortable and pick your favorite - or why not read them all?

You're bound to learn a LOT, and have fun in the process. Happy reading....


  • Dr Kim Bloomer VND & Shadrach
    A fascinating interview with Dr Kim, a veterinary naturopath and proficient blogger/writer and host of the online radio show 'Animal Talk Naturally', along with her Neopolitan Mastiff (and blogging partner), Shadrach.

  • 'The Great Dane Lady' - Linda Arndt
    A very interesting, in-depth look at the unique dietary needs, and health issues, of large and giant breed pups. A must-read for all new large-breed puppy owners!

  • Michelle Johnson - The Dog Treat Kitchen
    This dog lover has found her 'niche' in the business world by helping puppy and dog owners everywhere bake delicious, tasty homemade dog treats. Join Michelle as she tells us how she got started, and shares helpful hints and yummy recipes that your pooch is sure to love!

  • Interview with Adopt-A-Pet.com
    If you're thinking about dog or pet adoption, you don't want to miss this interview! Find out all about the benefits of the 'pet rescue and adoption option' from the experts themselves. Search option included to help you find your new best friend right away!

  • Interview with Nancy Haddock - Twister Agility and Dog Sports
    Dog agility is a sport that's growing in popularity - and rightly so! Learn more about this dog sport, and whether it could be right for you and your dog here.

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