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Jul 17, 2014

Is Your Dog A 'Power Chewer'?

Can your dog destroy an average toy in minutes?

Does he have jaws like.... well.... the shark in the 'Jaws' movie?

I feel your pain... we have a house full of them!

Which is why I'm a bona-fide expert in finding tough dog toys that can stand up to the abuse, your power-chewer can dish out.

I've put together a collection of the very toughest toys on the market, so why not check them out today?

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Jul 15, 2014

Best Song About Pitbulls Ever!

Pitbulls are wonderful dogs, but for years now they've been the victims of all sorts of human cruelty & greed, media hype and misinformation and just plain stupidity!

This song shows a little of the true Pitbull personality and beauty. I'm dedicating it to my sons Pittie, Bosco, he's a total sweetheart, we all love him to pieces <3

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Jul 09, 2014

Choosing The Right Flea Medicine For Dogs

Flea medicine for dogs comes in a lot of different types/brands.Not all of them will be right for your pet. Save time & money.Find the one you need here.

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Jul 09, 2014

Save $$$'s On Parasite Prevention

Flea,tick and mosquito season is in full swing, and we all know how miserable those critters can make our pets feel.

Using a reliable and effective parasite preventative is essential if you want to protect Fido from discomfort, not to mention potential disease..... but these medications don't come cheap!

If you need to stock up on flea, tick or heartworm treatments, check out this offer. It can save you some precious $$$'s.....

Take 20% off all Flea & Tick, Heartworm and Prescriptions at PetCareRx.com! Use promo code: EXTRA20

Jul 08, 2014

My Very Good Boy , Dozer

My boy had to be put down on June 27 2014, it was a Friday I will never forget. He was my first dog so I thought purchasing from a breeder was the way

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Jul 08, 2014

Water Safety Tips For Your Dog

Pools, lakes, ponds and the ocean are all great ways to cool off, but they're not without risks.... this applies to our dogs too!

Don't just assume that Fido knows how to swim and remember that he doesn't have arms to pull himself out of a pool, or super-powers that help him swim against the tide.

This article has lots of practical tips and advice to keep everyone safe this summer :)

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Jul 04, 2014

Happy 4th of July!

Jul 01, 2014

Don't Let Fido Overheat This Weekend!

With all the activities, people and fun coming up this weekend, it could be all too easy to forget to monitor what your dog is doing!

BUT it's really important to make sure that Fido doesn't overheat - because his desire to be in the thick of things (no matter how hot he gets) could hurt him.

These simple tips can help, and if you use a bit of common sense and remember to check on him, everyone should have a wonderful time... and make some great memories :)

Jun 29, 2014

Puppy FAQs - The Answers You've Been Looking For

Puppy FAQ's - important questions and answers for all new puppy owners. Comprehensive and practical look at health, behavior, training, diet and more.

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Jun 28, 2014

Lyme Disease - Could Your Dog Be At Risk?

Flea and tick season is in full swing now.... and these nasty little critters can cause all sorts of problems!


If your dog is out and about with you this summer... at the lake, hiking, camping... even just hanging out in the long grass by the creek on your property.. then he could be at risk of contracting Lyme Disease from a tick-bite.

Find out how to recognize the symptoms, which parts of the USA are 'riskiest' and more, here.

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