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Looking for some great products or supplies for your Chihuahua puppy? If so, this page has just what you need. Check out the best books, toys, grooming products and much more right here.

When you're the proud owner of a brand new puppy there seems to be so much 'stuff' that you need to buy.... luckily, buying puppy supplies is tons of fun so it never feels like a chore.

Chihuahua's are tiny dogs, and chihuahua puppies are even smaller, so you need to make sure the puppy food, dog toys and other supplies are the right size or formula for your new 'baby'.

So that choosing the right puppy products is even more fun, and less hassle, I've done a lot of the the hard work for you by picking out the very best items for your precious puppy.

Learn more about any item by clicking on the image or text, you'll go to an information page and will also be able to browse through Amazon's extensive website and see/compare other similar products.

Have fun.....

* NOTE: When you buy through my Chihuahua Puppy Care Store you're purchasing direct from Amazon's secure server, for your peace of mind.

Buying stuff isn't the only job on your 'New Puppy Parent To-Do List', and it's important to learn how to care for your precious puppy properly.

I have tons of pages on this website that can help you with every aspect of puppy care, feeding, training and more. Here are a few that you might find helpful......

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